Entertainment Weekly #1148 #1149 Robert Pattinson has moved beyond Twilight (so he says) and Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in an animated series called The Governator (seriously?!?)
Bart Simpson #42 Bart rides a camel on the cover. Does so inside too we assume.
Simpsons Comics #150 The name of the story inside is How Sweet It Ain’t
Seventeen May 2011 200+ swimsuits, Look hot in a bikini, 859 ways to get pretty for summer. Summer is a long way off, but get ready now, maybe?
Creme May 2011 I have just calculated that 90% of celebrities claim to have been “the biggest geek” in high school, source – this magazine.
XBOX 360 May 2011 There is a cover story about Skyrim. Man, I want Skyrim sooooo bad. Wake me up in November pls.