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Fashion Friday


My research for Fashion Friday consists of trawling the internet for pictures of attractive people in stylish clothing, i.e. reading LOTS fashion blogs.  I’m always looking for new sources and ‘revelations’ to wow you with. is an online fashion community that’s great for discovering new inspiration.  You can follow and comment on other users, create lookbooks of your fave looks or upload outfit posts of your own.  Its kind of like having a friendlier, more inclusive blog.


These are two other blogs I’ve been following lately.  (of) aly the bird is by a student from Utah (of all places!) and is more arty than fashiony, though there is the odd outfit post.  It has lots of lovely photos and images.  What Olivia did is by London student Olivia.  She writes about her fashionable life and is enviably gorgeous and stylish.  What’s interesting about this lot is that they’re all teens (aged 19 and 17) and they all use different mediums (Tumblr, blogger, Flicka) to get themselves ‘out there’.  And I was thinking while reading these particular blogs – this could be you guys!  Way back in February Simon did a post about blogging (check it out – Be a Blogger).   It’s super easy so that’s certainly not an excuse and who knows, maybe you’ll end up as famous as Tavi aka Style Rookie.


Nerd boyfriend
Men and fashion – it a pretty murky combination.   What do you think guys should wear?!


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    here is how men should dress:
    incidentally his gf is also a famous fashion blogger. i suppose they are the fashion blog power couple

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