Once again I have left the latest magazines to build up until they resemble, I dunno, a telephone book? Yeah, a telephone book. Here is this week’s ‘telephone book-sized’ stack of new magazines.

White Dwarf March 2011 – This month’s cover story is ‘Orcs and Goblins’, about orcs, goblins and the people who love them
Entertainment Weekly #1145, #1146, #1147 – There’s so much in these magazines that I could write about, were I so inclined
Dolly April 2011 – Bursting with articles. BURSTING
Transworld Skateboarding March 2011 –  Skateboarding was created by surfers who needed something to do when there were no waves. This is true!
Teen Vogue April 2011 –  The prom (American for ‘school ball’) issue aaaand loads of other things
Girlfriend April 2011 – ‘Are you an emotional sponge?’
Seventeen April 2011 – ‘Get your dream hair!’ Crimped!  Twisted! Braided! Glam! Chic! Romantic!
Playstation Magazine – April 2011 – Overviews, reviews, previews, counterviews, purviews and worldview rereviews.