Here is a trailer for the Lego adaption of Pirates of the Caribbean! It is what it is. It is also in German? Das Videospiel!

In the 80s a film called Teen Wolf came out. It starred Michael J. Fox as a teen who was also a werewolf, and so played basketball really well. It’s now been re-made into a TV series by MTV; you can watch the fairly lengthy trailer below. It’s a bit like The Vampire Diaries but with, you know, werewolves. Oh wait, werewolves are in The Vampire Diaries? Maybe Teen Wolf will have vampires too?

Four minutes (and a few seconds!) of footage from the forthcoming Green Lantern film were screened at something called the Wonder-Con recently. While not an actual trailer, we figured it does the same thing (i.e. makes you want to see it).

The sixth series (or whatever! It’s been around FOREVER) of Dr Who is coming soon to UK telly and, hopefully, NZ teevee. Here is the full trailer, below, beneath the more inside as it’s so big. It looks pretty awesome, and I don’t even watch the show. But I will now!