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I can scarcely believe the rate at which new graphic novels are arriving. All of the newest ones are listed beneath this sentence.

Patsy Walker, Hellcat. Like Catwoman, but with a yellow costume and more social responsibility.
X-Statix: Volume 1. They use static electricity to stamp out crime.
X-Statix: Volume 2. See above.
X-Statix: Volume 3, Dead Girl. See above and add a dead girl to the mix.
X-Statix: Volume 4, vs The Avengers. See above and add a duel with The Avengers.
Batman: Hong Kong. Batman goes manga!
Sword of the atom. A very tiny man rides a frog and battles snakes. With a sword.
Essential Dazzler: Volume 1. The first (and most?) essential collection of dazzling adventures.
Essential Dazzler: Volume 2. More of the same, really.
Essential X-Factor: Volume 1. Are these guys friends with the X-Men, or am I mistaken?
Essential X-Factor: Volume 2. Yet another companion piece to an above entry.
Nova: Knowhere. Nova looks pretty sweet. Like half Magneto, half Iron Man.
Nova: Secret Invasion. Nova must thwart secret invaders.
Nova: Annihilation Conquest. Nova must thwart a nasty sounding plan.
Nova: Nova Corps. Nova recruits some other dudes into a sort of army to help out.
Nova: War of Kings. Nova has to resolve a dispute between bickering monarchs.
Captain Britain: Vampire State. He has a Union Jack on his chest.
Captain Britain: Hell comes to Birmingham. I guess they are in a relegation battle.
Captain Britain: Secret Invasion. He should probably ask Nova for advice.
Star Wars: The Old Republic, Volume One. It’s based on a video game.
Formerly known as the Justice League. They must be going through a difficult phase. Like Prince.
X-Factor: Time and a half. Superheroes work on holidays too.
Aztek: The ultimate man. Ultimate man? Does he bring breakfast in bed every morning? Hey-oh!