Hey so you thought, “I should keep a blog. I have a lot to say/pictures to upload about life/fashion/people/cute animals/politics?/interests/poetry/etc“. What are your blogging options? Here are some that I can recommend! They are free also!

Tumblr.com – this is pretty great; you can very easily upload files, write posts, follow other Tumblr users, and like and reblog (you don’t need to write anything ever!) their content. You can change the appearance of your site with mimimum fuss. I can also recommend the Tumblr app for your iPod or whatever.

¶  Blogger.com – this has been around for a long time, and is now owned by Google. So you can log in with your Google account if you have one and in no. time. flat. you can have your own blog. 

WordPress.com – similar to the last one, insofar as the mechanics go; you register and pretty soon have your own blog, freely hosted online. We use WordPress to update this blog, and I can tell you it’s very easy to use and manage, especially if you have multiple people posting. “It’s very easy to use”, I said, officiously. “And manage,” I added.

LiveJournal.com – This has been around for a long long time now, and has devoted users. It is also now very popular in Russia, where it is called Живой Журнал.

So! If you have a blog or a Живой Журнал, or start one, send us an email and we might link to it. You can blog here as well, if you like. Electronically mail us.