Big River, Little Fish, Belinda Jeffrey (263 pages) – Set in South Australia in the 1950s (during the Murray River flood in 1956), this is a coming of age story with a pleasing twist.

First sentence: Tom Downs was a small five pounder when he came out backwards on the sand at Big Bend; a place on the Murray River halfway between the towns of Swan Reach and Nildottie in South Australia.

Embrace, Jessica Shirvington (382 pages) – Violet’s friend (she wishes he was more) drops an outrageous secret on her; that he is a Grigori, part human, part angel. Oh, and she’s his eternal partner. Quite understandably, this takes a bit of getting used to, and while she’s processing this there’s Phoenix (all angel), and the eternal battle between darkness and light. People who enjoy angel fiction have reviewed this favourably, so fans of Fallen and Halo (for example) might like this.

First sentence: Birthdays aren’t my thing.

Swoon, Nina Malkin (421 pages) – the back cover says “Sin is coming… prepare to swoon.” Sin is short for Sinclair, a spirit who in a tricksy fashion gets Dice (Short for Candice) to give him human form. Havoc ensues in Swoon, Connecticut: can Dice sort the mess out, or will she also be engulfed?

First sentence: Love at first sight must be glorious.

Bright Young Things, Anna Godbersen (389 pages) – The creator of The Luxe turns her attention to the 1920s and 30s. Cordelia and Letty arrive in New York, Letty in search of fame and Cordelia in search of her unknown father. Secrets, lies, murder, intrigue, scandal, glamour, jazz: just about everything!

First sentence: It is easy to foget now, how effervescent and free we all felt that summer.

To Die For, Christopher Pike (408 pages) – Two thrillers in one volume – Slumber Party (first published in 1985) and Weekend (first published in 1986) – with very different settings, the first a ski resort and the second a remote beach. Read them and see if you can guess who done it.

First sentence: Dana Miller’s downshifting, as they rounded the tight mountain turn, was like a kick in the seat of the pants.

Red is for Remembrance, White is for Magic and Silver is for Secrets, Laurie Faria Stolarz – More in the series about Stacey Brown (see here), a witch who must try and prevent her nightmares from coming true.