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Lost Thing Won Thing

Yes. The Lost Thing has won an Oscar for best animated short. We have the film on DVD should you want to watch it, and we also have the book.

You can watch the trailer here and look! an official website.

Fashion Friday



Orange – yes, orange! I will totally be wearing this maligned colour come winter.  In particular this awesome Karen Walker dress.  

Speaking of Karen Walker, last week she showed her next season’s collection at New York Fashion Week, titled North. Styled on the soul-obessed working-class youngsters of Northern Britain, the clothes looked fantastic and were quirkily pretty. You can check the collection out here (thanks style.com)  I want all of it, better start saving now!


One of the best shows at NYFW was Rodarte (Natalie Portman is a fan). This collection is hot! So hot in fact its become a NOT – a not because I’ll never be able to afford or own any of it. Apparently its based on Little House on the Prairie, how cool is that. Let’s just bask in the fantasy with a couple of my fave looks.


(Images from Fashiongonerogue.com)

Trailer Tuesday

More trailers! Because it is Tuesday!

Jane Eyre will be in cinemas on March 11, but perhaps you want to read the book first? Reserve it here.

Radiohead’s new album King Of Limbs is available for download here, but physical copies won’t be out until May, thus we don’t have it yet. If you are undecided whether to buy it or not, consider this video of first single Lotus Flower the trailer…


Wellington City Youth Council

Three young people are needed for the 2011 Wellington City Youth Council. Could you be one of them? Read about it and apply here.

Top 10: Laurens

  1. Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver. Lauren Oliver’s blog is here. She uses blogger.com (if you’re interested in blogging).
  2. Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood, Eileen Cook. This one gets the Lauren Award for the best book cover with the name Lauren in the title.
  3. TTYL, Lauren Myracle. TTFN and L8r, G8r too. Her blog is here.
  4. Fallen, Lauren Kate. There’s also Torment, and then Passion, which comes out in June (reserve it now! Become a Facebook fan).
  5. L A Candy, Lauren Conrad. The first in the series that also contains Sweet Little Lies and Sugar and Spice.
  6. Chestnut Hill series and the Heartland series, Lauren Brooke. For horse lovers.
  7. The Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger. We also have the DVD starring Anne Hathaway ($4 for one week).
  8. The rise and fall of a 10th-grade social climber, Lauren Mechling and Laura Moser. Lauren Mechling blogs using WordPress here.
  9. Lauren Conrad: style, Lauren Conrad with Elise Loehnen. Not fiction, fashion this time. Have a look at the Fashion Friday post inspired by The Hills.
  10. Lauren the puppy fairy, Daisy Meadows. Unlock the magic within at the official site.

TAFN, Lauren.

Be a blogger

Hey so you thought, “I should keep a blog. I have a lot to say/pictures to upload about life/fashion/people/cute animals/politics?/interests/poetry/etc“. What are your blogging options? Here are some that I can recommend! They are free also!

Tumblr.com – this is pretty great; you can very easily upload files, write posts, follow other Tumblr users, and like and reblog (you don’t need to write anything ever!) their content. You can change the appearance of your site with mimimum fuss. I can also recommend the Tumblr app for your iPod or whatever.

¶  Blogger.com – this has been around for a long time, and is now owned by Google. So you can log in with your Google account if you have one and in no. time. flat. you can have your own blog. 

WordPress.com – similar to the last one, insofar as the mechanics go; you register and pretty soon have your own blog, freely hosted online. We use WordPress to update this blog, and I can tell you it’s very easy to use and manage, especially if you have multiple people posting. “It’s very easy to use”, I said, officiously. “And manage,” I added.

LiveJournal.com – This has been around for a long long time now, and has devoted users. It is also now very popular in Russia, where it is called Живой Журнал.

So! If you have a blog or a Живой Журнал, or start one, send us an email and we might link to it. You can blog here as well, if you like. Electronically mail us.

Narrative Works Conveyed Using Sequential Art

Batman; Whatever happened to the caped crusader?Batman; Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader? By Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert. It appears that Batman is dead! Robin reminisces about the time Batman punched a dinosaur in the face and how cool he was. The Joker has a Jokermobile and it’s all so conceptual. Good stuff from Mr. Coraline.

The Avengers; Red ZoneThe Avengers; Red Zone by Olivier Coipel. It’s another pickle for the Avengers! This time Red Skull has infiltrated the American government (which must be particularly galling for Captain America) and he plans to release a biological weapon. Iron Man would probably be ok in his iron suit, but he helps out anyway because he’s just an unselfish and helpful kind of guy.

The Vornov PlotThe Voronov Plot by Yves Sente and Andre Juiliard. Our lads Blake and Mortimer are charged with averting the threat of a biological weapon (yes, another biological weapon) and must also smoke from pipes the entire time (that’s what it looks like anyway). They’d better succeed, as world peace depends on it!

Final Crisis; RevelationsFinal Crisis; Revelations by Greg Rucka, Philip Tan and Jonathan Glapion. There’s a new god in town, an evil new god! Darkseid instructs his followers in a religion based on crime, which sounds fun for a little bit, until you realise how inconvenient it would be if eveyone just stole things all day long. Spectre, The Question and Batwoman to the rescue then.

Green Lantern; Rage of the Red LanternsGreen Lantern; Rage of the Red Lanterns by Geoff Johns. Arriving in time to whet your appetite for the upcoming movie are a few new Green Lantern graphic novels, such as this one. This time the Green Lantern is in hot water with the Red Lanterns and must use every inch of his powers to save his hide.

Who Is Arcade Fire?

The 53rd Grammy Awards were held earlier this week in Los Angeles. There were plenty of notable stories from the event, Lady Gaga dressed up as an egg for example. But the one that amused us the most was the reaction to Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs winning album of the year, it seems that a large chunk of music fans around the world didn’t even know who they were. And were outraged. Which was hilarious.

We here at Teen Blog clearly approved of the decision as it was the only album of the year nominee on our Librarian’s Choice page.

New Books

Trance, by Linda Gerber (277 pages) – Whenever Ashlyn falls into a trance it means that someone she knows is about to die. And there’s nothing she can do about it! Stink. But! When just as her trances begin to involve (love interest) Jake, she develops a certain understanding and control.

First lines: ‘Sounds are what I remember most. The crunch of metal on metal. Shattering glass. Screams.

Wereling, by Steve Feasey (276 pages) – Fourteen-year-old Trey is the last in a bloodline of werewolves, one of the ‘few things that can actually take on a vampire.’ Is he human? Or is he a werewolf? Yes to both, I guess. He is also falling for a girl who is half vampire, just to confuse matters.

First line: ‘Trey Laporte opened his eyes, wincing against the assault of the late-morning sunshine on his retinas.

Hunger, by Jackie Morse Kessler (177 pages) – Seventeen-year-old Lisabeth is anorexic, and has subsequently? been appointed to the role of Famine, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. “Fast-paced, witty, and heart-breaking,” and a “fantastic and gripping read that never shies from its difficult subject matter.”

First lines: ‘Lisabeth Lewis didn’t mean to become Famine. She had a love affair with food, and she’d never liked horses (never mind the time she asked for a pony when whe was eight; that was just a girl thing).

Lucy Unstrung, by Carole Lazar (235 pages) – Thirteen-year-old Lucy’s mother had her when she – the mother, not Lucy! – was only fifteen. Lucy’s faith in her Grandmother, God and the Church are put to the test as her family’s income is reduced and relationships go awry. “Humour, angst, and irony.”

First line: ‘When my mom finally walks in the door at nine-fifteen, she acts like nothing’s wrong at all.

The Iron Daughter, by Julie Kagawa (359 pages) – Meghan is half human, and half Summer faery princess. She is a prisoner of the Winter faery queen – war is a’brewing between Summer and Winter – but she knows that the Iron fey are the real danger. Oh and she’s lost her powers and no one believes her. Yow.

First line: ‘The Iron King stood before me, magnificant in his beauty, silver hair whipping about like an unruly waterfall.

Freefall, by Mindi Scott (315 page) – Seth, a bass player in a teen rock band, was the last person to see his best friend, Isaac, alive. Now he has to deal with that, alcoholism, and falling in love with Rosetta, who carries her own baggage (emotional baggage, not actual bags, though sometimes she might).

First lines: ‘This was Daniel’s deal. He’d taken the order, contacted a supplier, and set it all up.

Quaking, by Kathryn Erskine (236 pages) – Matilda, or Matt as she prefers, is a goth girl who goes to live with a Quaker family in Pennsylvania. Her new town is deeply patriotic (about the war in the Middle East) and threats of violence against her new family mesh unhappily with her experience with bullying.

First line: ‘Families come in all varieties but with no warranties.

Inferno, by Robin Stevenson (229 pages) – Dante dislikes her high school. A lot! She wants to be more open about her sexuality, her only friend has moved away, and when she makes new friends she soon finds things can get worse (as hinted at by the title).

First line: ‘The sun is barely up, but the sky is already blue and cloudless.

The Presence : A Ghost Story, by Eve Bunting (195 pages) – Catherine’s best friend died in a car accident and Catherine is left in shock, depressed, and feeling responsible. On holiday she encounters a hot stranger who tells her he can contact the dead – is he for real or is he a figment of her imagination? Suspense!

First line: ‘The ghost stood on the church stairs, watching, waiting for Catherine.

Acting Up, by Ted Staunton (263 pages) – Sam is 6’4″ and slouches so as to not draw attention to himself. I’ve been there, Sam! He also lives in a ‘town full of loonies’ – another coincidence? Also he must grow up and learn what it is to be an adult. Ha.

First line: ‘“You can’t do that,” Sam Foster said, breaking through the knots of students outside the Little Hope Variety.

Saturday Night Dirt, by Will Weaver (171 pages) – “In a small town … the much-anticipated Saturday night dirt-track race  … becomes … an important life-changing event for all the participants on and off the track,” says the catalogue, mostly.

First lines: ‘“Torque wrench.” Trace Bonham, seventeen, short and stocky with unsmiling brown eyes, turned to the big toolbox on wheels.

The Rosie Black Chronicles Bk 1 : Genesis, by Lara Morgan (459 pages) – Five centuries from now, in the city of Newperth (Australia I’m thinking!) is divided into the ‘Centrals’, the much poorer ‘Bankers’, and the fringe-dwelling ‘Ferals’. Rosie, a Banker, finds a box that a mystery organisation will kill to have, and so she’s on the run with Pip, a Feral, and his boss.

First line: ‘Rosie shone her torch down among the scattered bricks.

Fashion Friday

Syndetics book coverLauren Conrad : Style / Lauren Conrad with Elise Loehnen – The Hills. Don’t you miss it? The rolled eyes, the meaningful stares, the friendship dramas. More importantly, the LA style, the glossy hair, and Lauren Conrad.

Judging by the popularity of Lauren’s style guide, it seems you guys still love her. But what’s not to love?  LC’s polished good looks define classic, young Hollywood style – and this book shows she left The Hills unscathed by the tackiness of Speidi.

 Syndetics book cover
True Whit : designing a life of style, beauty, and fun – Do you still love Whitney Port? More low-key than LC, she was my favourite on The Hills. And despite the mediocracy of  Whitney’s show The City she did become a bit of a style icon (love to hate that fab Olivia Palermo too). Whitney’s book is due out soon so reserve it now!

Lo Bosworth, Lauren’s pal, has also written a book. It’s a relationship guide, filled with Lo’s sensible advice and you can find it here.

(The library has series one, two, and three of The Hills in the YA section)


It seems that MTV now thinks Lauren herself is a bit of a ‘not’ and have cancelled the new reality show she was filming. The show was to follow Lauren as she developed her new clothing line Paper Crown and was to be filmed documentary-style, similar to The September Issue. You can read all about it here.

Do not despair!  LC has also made this fantastic little clip all about fashion NOTs, perfect for Fashion Friday!  Watch it – it’s hilarious.

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