Hey guys! Here are the newest magazines. At last – we were all on holiday pretty much, so they (the magazines) didn’t get put out as soon as possible.

Entertainment Weekly #1131, #1132, and #1133 – Some guy called Taylor Swift is entertainer of the year? He was great as a Deatheater in that Twilight movie. (Just kidding. Ha ha.)
Creme February 2011 – Full of this year’s star guides, if you belieeeeve. Apparently I need my freedom, so don’t try to pin me down! Lucky colour: lime green (?!)
Girlfriend January 2011 
Seventeen February 2011 – I had to check the year on the cover, as inside the magazine says denim shorts are still in fashion. Was it an issue from 2008? But no, 2011.
Official Australian and New Zealand XBox 360 Magazine #61 & #62 – Would it be boastful of me to say that Santa brought me an Xbox360? Probably!
Simpons Treehouse of Horror #16, Simpsons Comics #168, and Bart Simpson : Prank Pitchman #40