Telephantasm – Soundgarden
Days they tried to live
apart were black. Together
again on their wave

maroon 5

Hands All Over – Maroon 5
Soon American
Idol contestants will be
covering these songs.


Nothing – N.E.R.D.
Nobody ever
really dies, especially
trendy producers


Surfing The Void – The Klaxons
Feline themed record
covers rapidly approaching
the “new black” status


Six Feet Downunder EP – Metallica
Napster opponents
release fan-made bootlegs to
fund Christmas shopping.


The Sound Of Dubstep
If you don’t know what
dubstep sounds like, one presumes
this is the tonic.

step up 3d

Step Up 3D
Breakdancing in the
third dimension requires some
futuristic rap.

clubbers guide summer 2010

Clubbers Guide Summer 2010
As the weather warms
this faux Lonely Planet Guide
arrives just in time.