Some random facts: 

Neuroscientists reckon reading vampire fiction helps teenage brains develop empathy. Fancy. Here’s the story (it’s from the Guardian, so it must be serious). So, if you’re after more vampire fiction go here to the catalogue, or here for related Teen Blog posts.

The popularity of ya literature is blamed for the increase in people wanting books banned, as the BBC explains. (Incidentally, Banned Books Week is from 25 September to 2 October, which is like now.)

If it came down to it, would you be Team Zombie or Team Unicorn? Zombies Versus Unicorns is a new anthology of short stories featuring some über popular YA authors, including Cassandra Clare (Zombies), Meg Cabot (Unicorns), Scott Westerfeld (Zombies) and Holly Black (surprisingly, Unicorns). This will be available soon. In the mean time, watch the cool book trailer:

CHERUB: a shadowy wave of massive popularity. Everyone being crazy for CHERUB and Shadow Wave (is this the concluding story?) means that we’ve got over 100 (that’s right) people queueing up to read it. Not to worry, we’ve got 22 copies in the library, so with an average of 3 people per day reserving it, and an average lending period of about 4 weeks, this means it will be a medium-ish wait if you reserve it today. Maths not that great, never was.

Tool is going to the Big Day Out next year. See here.