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Just so that you know

All Wellington public libraries will be closed over Labour Weekend – on Friday, the 22nd of October, we close at 7pm and reopen again on Tuesday, the 26th of October, at the usual time. This is so that the library’s computer system can be upgraded. Which means that the online catalogue (and most of the WCL site, actually) won’t be operating for that time also. Blogs will be working, though! (Blogs won’t be working!) Also, no one will be charged overdues for the days we’re shut.

FUN FACT: Labour Weekend originated in Wellington, when a man – nay, a hero! – kicked off the eight-hour working day movement in 1840. Before that people could be made to work all day! Blergh.


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  1. miramar library relly needs a teen night 4 all thoes that cant make it to karoi

  2. Hazel Green South


  3. Lily

    Hey since you’ve asked for it; we are planning to have one in Kilbirnie later in the year. Hope you can make it!

  4. Hazel GreenSouth

    yea that would be awesome because Karori is way too far if u live this side of town

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