All the questions from the aforementioned TTN are below (well, not the music ones). The answers are there, but you need to highlight them to see them. Not too hard, and not too easy. Just right.

Round One: Names & Faces

1) What is Rosalie’s last name?
Answer – Hale

2) Who is this actor, who features in Twilight: New Moon?


Answer – Dakota Fanning (who plays Jane)

3) What are the names of the three main vampires of the Volturi?
Answer – Marcus, Caius and Aro

4) What is the name of the vampire who breaks into Bella’s room and steals her stuff?
Answer – Riley

5) What is the name of Bella’s biology teacher in Twilight (the book)?
A) Mr Banner
B) Mr Cope
C) Mr Hale
D) Ms Cope
Answer – Mr Banner

6) Who is this character, who has Alice by the throat?


Answer – Demetri

7) Which character is played by this actor?


Answer – Jasper (is Jackson Rathbone)

8 ) What’s the name of the Volturi tour guide who lures unsuspecting tourists to their death?

Answer – Heidi

9) Which character is played by this actor?


Answer – Bella (is Kristen Stewart)

10) Which character is played by this actor?


Answer – Rosalie (is Nikki Reed)

Round Two: Twilight Geography

1) Which Italian city do Bella and Alice drive from to get to Volterra?
Answer – Florence

2) What is the name of the place where Bella and Edward go for their honeymoon?
Answer – Isle Esme (off the coast of Brazil)

3) When Edward does the apple trick in the movie Twilight, which of these countries’ flag is displayed in the background?
A) Canada
B) United States
C) Australia
D) New Zealand
Answer – New Zealand

4) Which South American country is Nahuel (the other half-vampire) originally from?
Answer – Chile

5) After moving from Arizona which city do Bella’s mother and stepfather live in?
A) Jacksonville in Florida
B) Miami in Florida
C) Atlanta in Georgia
D) Baton Rouge in Louisiana
Answer – Jacksonville in Florida

6) What is the capital city of Washington State?
Answer – Seattle

7) What city did Alice and Jasper meet in?
A) Dallas
B) Philadelphia
C) Little Rock, Arkansas
D) Indianapolis
Answer – Philadelphia

8 ) Where does Bella want Jacob and Renesmee to go if the confrontation with the Volturi at the end of Breaking Dawn ends badly?
Answer – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

9) What day is it in the city of Volterra when Bella rescues Edward in New Moon?
A) St Marcus Day
B) Halloween
C) Equinox Day
D) The Day of the Dead
Answer – St Marcus Day

10) In the movie Twilight, as Bella and Charlie are driving into Forks, Bella’s voiceover tells us that the population of Forks is:
A) 320
B) 3120
C) 3200
D) 1320
Answer – 3120

Round Three: The Movies!
1) Who directed Twilight (the film)?
Answer – Catherine Hardwicke

2) In the book Twilight, Bella says that her carry on baggage for her flight to Washington State is a parka. In the movie, what else does she have in her hand on the way to the airport?
Answer – Cactus (in a pot)

3) Which famous non-movie star has a cameo appearance in the movie Twilight?
Answer – Stephenie Meyer (on her laptop at the diner)

4) In New Moon (the book), what movie do Bella and Jessica go and see in Port Angeles?
A) The Night of the Living Dead
B) Dead End
C) The Exorcist
D) 10 Things I Hate About You
Answer – Dead End

5) In the book Twilight Angela goes to prom with Ben? Who does she go with in the movie?
Answer – Eric

6) Who did Robert Pattinson play in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?
Answer – Cedric Diggory

7) In the movie Twilight, Bella escapes from Jasper and Alice at the hotel. Where does she escape from them in the book?
Answer – The Airport

8 ) Which character, who features in both the Twilight and New Moon movies, will be played by a different actor in Eclipse?
Answer – Victoria

9) In the movie Twilight, Bella tells Edward she knows he’s a vampire in the forest. Where in the book does this conversation take place?
Answer – In his car (on the way back from Port Angeles)

10) What is the official release date in New Zealand for Twilight: New Moon?
Answer – Thursday 19 November 2009

Round Four: Births, Deaths, Marriages and The Change
1) Carlisle is the oldest member of the Cullen “family”. Who is the next oldest (in human and vampire years combined)?
Answer – Jasper

2) What would Bella and Edward’s child have been called if it had been a boy?
A) Charlie Edward
B) Edward Jacob
C) Carlisle Charles
D) Aro Marcus
Answer – Edward Jacob

3) What year was Edward born (as a human)?
Answer – 1901

4) How many vampires die in the final confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn?
Answer – Irina, one only

5) Who does Mike go to Bella and Edward’s wedding with?
Answer – Jessica

6) In Eclipse, which wolf helps Edward kill Riley and Victoria?
Answer – Seth

7) What disease did Edward have when Carlisle changed him?
Answer – Spanish influenza

8 ) What is the name of Charlie’s best friend who dies of a heart attack?
A) Emmett Cullen
B) Billy Black
C) Harry Clearwater
D) Quil Ateara Senior
Answer – Harry Clearwater

9) Who was Elizabeth Masen?
Answer – Edward’s mother

10) What names combine to make up Bella and Edward’s baby’s name?
Answer – Renee and Esme

Round Five: Other Vampires and Undying Lovers
1) What’s special about the vampire Simon in the Mortal Instruments trilogy by Cassandra Clare?
Answer – He can spend time in the sun/daylight

2) What is the name of Count Dracula’s arch-rival, who ultimately gets the better of him (and is the star of his own movie)?
Answer – (Professor Abraham) Van Helsing

3) At the beginning of Romeo and Juliet who is Romeo in love with?
A) Juliet
B) Rosemary
C) Rosaline
D) Ophelia
Answer – Rosaline

4) In which English county is Wuthering Heights set?
A) Northumberland
B) Surrey
C) Lancashire
D) Yorkshire
Answer – Yorkshire

5) Which country is Transylvania in?
A) Romania
B) Hungary
C) Germany
D) Transylvania doesn’t exist
Answer – Romania

6) What is said to be the Romanian word for “vampire” and also the name of a classic vampire movie released in 1922?
A) Nosferatu
B) Vampire
C) Dracula
D) Moroi
Answer – Nosferatu

7) Who wrote Interview with the Vampire?
A) Bram Stoker
B) Anne Rice
C) Stephen King
D) Laurel K Hamilton
Answer – Anne Rice

8 ) What is the name of the series of vampire books by L J Smith that has been made into a TV series recently?
Answer – The Vampire Diaries

9) What is the name of the hero of Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan?
Answer – Darren Shan

10) Which one of these is not a vampire movie?
A) Salem’s Lot
B) Before Sunrise
C) The Lost Boys
D) Underworld
Answer – Before Sunrise

Round Six: Twilight Music
1) What is Emmett’s favourite animal to hunt, and also a contributor to the Twilight New Moon soundtrack?
Answer – Grizzly Bear

2) Who wrote Claire de Lune, the piece that Bella and Edward discuss in Edward’s room in Twilight (the movie)?
Answer – Claude Debussy

3) What is the name of the first single off the Twilight New Moon soundtrack?
Answer – ‘Meet me on the Equinox’ (Death Cab for Cutie)

4) Which band is this?


Answer – Muse

5) Which band is this?


Answer – Paramore

6) Who’s this?


Answer – Thom Yorke

7) Which band or artist performs the song that Bella and Edward dance to at the prom in Twilight?
Answer – Iron & Wine

Round Seven: Extra Trivial
1) In the Quileute stories, what are the vampires called?
Answer – The cold ones

2) What was the name of the original, first sequel to Twilight?
A) Sunshine
B) New Moon
C) Midnight Sun
D) Forever Dawn
Answer – Forever Dawn

3) Who drives this type of car?


Answer – Edward (Volvo)

4) Who found Bella in the forest after Edward left (in New Moon)?
Answer – Sam

5) What does Bella call the man she gets fake passports and drivers’ licences from in Breaking Dawn?
Answer – J or J Jenks

6) In Eclipse, what did Jacob do to make Bella punch him, breaking her hand in the process?
Answer – He kissed her

7) How many students, including Bella, attend Forks High?
A) 258
B) 278
C) 358
D) 378
Answer – 358

8 ) What is the name of the Alaskan vampire coven?
Answer – The Denali coven

9) In New Moon (the book), after Edward leaves, how many months are left blank before Bella “resurfaces”?
Answer – Four (October, November, December, January)

10) What make and colour of car does Alice steal in Italy?
Answer – A Yellow Porsche