We’ve received emails asking about the questions for the Twilight Quiz this Friday. Are they hard? Are they easy? Here are some so you might get an idea. These are ones that didn’t make it in to the quiz! So don’t go thinking they’ll be asked on the night.

Oh and also, some bad news. So many teams have registered we’ve had to close registrations. The room is only so big and if too many squeeze in it might literally drop onto Harris Street. There are that many Twilight fans! Sorry.

Anyhoo, here are those questions. The answers are in white text so you will need to highlight them to read them. Don’t cheat though!

1. Which of Bella’s Forks classmates talks to her first?
2. What sort of car does Rosalie drive?
AnswerRed BMW M3 convertible.
3. What is the name of Sam’s girlfriend?
AnswerEmily (Young)
4. What is the first name of Bella’s stepfather?
5. What’s the name of the Volturi receptionist?
A) Gianna
B) Maggie
C) Irinia
D) Kristina
6. Which British actors play the Volturi vampires Aro and Caius?
Answer Michael Sheen and Jamie Campbell
7. What is the name of the band from Franklin, Tennessee who wrote 2 songs for the Twilight movie and what are the names of the songs?
Answer Paramore – Decode : I caught myself
8. Who sings ‘Tremble for my beloved’?
Answer Collective Soul
9. What song by Muse plays during the baseball scene?
AnswerSupermassive black hole