Registrations are now open for the Twilight Trivia Night (Friday 30 October, 6.30pm, Central Library). Enter your team (or yourself) here for your chance at glory and prizes.

What’s the Twilight Trivia Night? It’s like a pub quiz but without the pub, and focusing on facts and trivia to do with the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer (the books, the movies, the music, the hysteria, the sparkles). According to the posters it’s the quiz “you can really get your teeth into.” Ha ha ha. We know there are some Twilight experts out there and we want to find out who you are! Of course non-experts will have the opportunity to duke it out for a special tactical non-expert award, so don’t be put off! Register now!

badgesizeBut wait, there’s more! If you send in a team image we’ll turn it into a team badge for you. Email your image to The badges are round and 5.5cm across. Here’s a poor diagram to help you visualise it. Anything is fine, pretty much.

See you there.

Quick update: for ages 13 to 18 (inclusive).