As we reported last week, we’re after more magazines for the YA magazine collection, and we’d like you to choose which (make sure you vote – you can do this more than once (every day even) and you might win something, so what the hey).

In order to help you make your choice, and to keep you up with the play on what we’ve got, here’s what the collection currently consists of:


Transworld Skateboarding – international skateboarding news and tips etc. (website)
New Zealand Skateboarder
Kiwi Surf Magazine – (website)
Curl: Girls’ Lifestyle Magazine – surfing and stuff. (website)

Virtual Sports

Playstation 2 (website)
360 XBox (website)
White Dwarf (website)

Girls’, Fashion & Gossip

Creme (website)
Dolly (website)
Girlfriend (website)
Seventeen (website)
Sugar (website)
Teen Vogue (website)

For Amusement

Mad XL (website)
Simpsons Magazines

So, what’s lacking? Let us know what you’d recommend and have a good last few days of holiday.

(Young Adult magazines are free to borrow for one week on a Young Adult card – they’re also free to reserve (on a YA card).)