A new review from Raewyn:

Weedflower, by Cynthia Kadohata.

Working on her family’s flower farm until she was old enough to own her own flower shop was Sumiko’s dream, but that all changed on December 6, 1941 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbour. Suddenly they had to burn all of their Japanese things in case they were thought of as “un-American” and then the trucks came and took them away to internment camps set on an Indian Reservation. How long would they be there in the dust and heat? What if the war lasted 10 years? Sumiko decides to create a garden with her neighbour and she uses the special seeds she brought with her from home to brighten the garden with “weedflowers”. This story helps us to see the world of the war through the eyes of Japanese living in the United States and how they were treated by the authorities and everyday people.