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Vampire Diaries on telly

As mentioned in the past, The Vampire Diaries are being made into a television series. The network responsible has released some teaser clips of the show, which is set to begin soon.  You can watch all three after the Read more … – the books can be borrowed from your local library, of course.

Watch the teasers below! Isn’t it cool when he jumps off the roof like that?

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:


Really simple


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  1. HuGe VaMpIrE dIaRiEs FaN dAmOn SaLvAtOrE fOrEvEr

    When is the Tv series coming to New Zealand

  2. Hello! Thanks for your comment! I will try to find out for you. It looks like it will be very popular.

    In the meantime watch Glee – it is the best!

  3. heeeeeeeeeeeey ,
    i heard about that show i would like to know if its gooood ?

  4. It is good! Apparently! I am still waiting to hear back from TVNZ, to know whether or not they are going to screen it.

  5. Becs

    Hey, found this blog, which says TVNZ will screen vampire diaries early 2010. http://www.throng.co.nz/v/tvnzs-lineup-shows-2010


  6. oh coooool(:
    im really excited but ,
    is it like Twilight ?

  7. Michelle

    Hey, I’m not sure when yet but The Vampire Diaries will be on TV2 in NZ. If I find out when I’ll leave another comment. =]

  8. Thanks Michelle, we can be patient

  9. Sophie Echelon

    i heard that it was coming to New Zealand too and i emailed TVNZ to ask them when it would be coming out but they said:

    “We can’t advertise dates prior to when the tv guides come out (two weeks before the programme starts) so keep an eagle eye on your tv guide.”

    so i have no idea when it’s going to come out…

    But as to how good the series is… I love it! though its quite alot different from the books, to me it looks like their taking pieces from all the books, so thats a little weird, but still good. Also there are other characters that arnt in the books, but i supose that happens in alot of programmes.

    But if you want to watch it before it comes to TV here you can watch it anywhere on the internet

    hope this helps

  10. Cool, thanks for your comment! 😀

  11. Brenna

    OMG i have been searching everywhere to find out when the vampire diaries comes out on tv2 so far i have been watching it online but cant find any nonblurry full episodes.
    please find out when it will be on!!!

  12. Emma

    Ok Im from New Zealand and Im not 100% sure so please dont rely on what Im going to say but I have heard somewhere that I think that Vampire Diaries might be starting in NZ on 25th of March, Im not entirely sure but that is what I found through research but like I said I could be wrong.

  13. According to wikipedia, it will be on TV2. But it doesn’t say when

  14. Hayley

    I’m from New Zealand, and I am dying to wait for it to come out!
    It won’t say when anywhere!

    But I found a youtube account that has the shows (With only little bits missing) and I’ve been watching that

    The link is:http://www.youtube.com/user/ajshadowcat08

  15. Tara

    Hey, I have watched all the episodes online on tvshack.net and they are amazing! I have seen adverts on TV2 about The Vampires Diaries and it doesn’t have a date but it is definately starting on TV2 NZ. Hope this helps. I can’t wait to watch them again 🙂

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