There are so many new DVDs! So many. Some new CDs, but Jack can make a playlist when he stops touring the country and comes back to work.

The Rocker (M) – This has that guy from The Office playing an aging rocker, who gets another chance to be the rockstar he always wanted to be. A comedy! Quite funny.
Oliver Twist (M) – This is an adaption of Dickens’ classic story by the BBC. ‘Gritty and good’, says Grimm, who especially liked Tom Hardy’s Bill Sykes (I dunno if anyone can beat Oliver Reed’s Bill Sykes, however).
Alice (PG) – An adaption of Alice in Wonderland by famous Czech animator, Jan Svankmajer.
The Hills (M) – This is the complete third season of this polarising sort-of-reality show.
Planet B-Boy (M) – A “dazzling documentary [that] makes a compelling argument for breakdancing as an art form”; official website.
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (PG) – Anime about a girl who can leap back in time from 2006.
The World According to Miley Cyrus (PG)  – An “unauthorised” documentary about the teen actress/singer.
Skyland (PG) -A French CGI series set in a future where the Earth has split into millions of inhabitable floating pieces. This collects 13 episodes of the first series.
Avatar: Book 1 Water, Volume 3 (PG)
Avatar: Book 1 Water, Volume 4 (PG)
Avatar: Book 1 Water, Volume 5 (PG) – Each DVD contains four episodes of the Nickelodeon animated series.
Futurama : Into the Wild Green Yonder (PG) – The latest Futurama film. Instead of a regular television series, Futurama films are being produced.
Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot (M) – Directed by Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, this documentary is about the top high school basketball players in the US competing against one another.
The Ruby in the Smoke (M)
The Shadow in the North (M) – Both are BBC adaptions of the books by Philip Pullman about intrepid Victorian heroine Sally Lockhart, who can ride a horse, shoot a gun, solve crimes and uncover mysteries with the best of them.

And two audio books that I expect will be very popular:
Eclipse (13 CDs) and New Moon (12 CDs), by Stephenie Meyer – both are read by Ilyana Kadushin (whose name is spectacular, we reckon). Reserve ’em quick, as there aren’t too many holds on them … at the moment.