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Liveblogging the Almost Amazing Race

5.06 – and the winners were… Team AXD! Well done! (Sorry, we’ve been too busy trying to tally scores!) We’ll be sticking up some more photos next week. Second place went to The Bananaramas. We’re going to check out now and go clean up.

3:37 – If you’ll notice this next video only took 20 minutes to edit and upload. I like technology again. This is from the compulsory stop.

More later.

– Jack

3.17pm – This isn’t particularly relevant to the actual race, but we had to take this picture of a library staff member’s lunch bowl that has been kidnapped for teen events in the past. Said library staff member was determined that this wouldn’t happen again:

The bowl we didn't use!

It’s a very nice bowl indeed and we can report we didn’t use it except to take its picture.

~ Grimm

3:08pm – Yes, it took me this long to upload the video to youtube. No, I am not happy with my myriad of technology today. Oh well, here it is…

– Jack

2.06pm – Report from compulsory pit stop (photos to follow): several teams crashed a family barbecue and got free sausages (our thanks to the generous family). One team have found an interesting mascot in the form of a live rat (found asleep on the road). Thanks to the Red Bull and SmokeFree and Push Play teams for their efforts at the pit stop.

~ Grimm

2:00pm – After a lot of false starts, incorrect cables and uncooperative technology I’ve finally edited the start of the race into a youtube clip. It shall be posted with the quickness.

– Jack

1.27pm – Our spies around Wellington report that a couple of teams may have walked straight past some vital clues. We at race HQ hope that teams are being as savvy as possible! A text from another team: “We r gr8 jst got off cable car”.

Jack’s only taken about 2 hours to work out that the one cable for the video’s not doing the job. So, cherry tomatoes to Jack (new eating game: a cherry tomato for problem solving). The promised YouTube clip is now looking a wee bit more promising.

~ Grimm and Jack

12.45pm – The compulsory stop is at 1.30pm, and will be at Waitangi Park. Everyone will get a free Red Bull which will doubtlessly fill them with energy. More photos to come!

~ Simon

12.21pm – Brunch was great, thanks. We’ve also managed to trick Ella into saying “lanyard” twice. Tasty chocolates.

While we were eating a team walked past briskly with a Wellington map book – kudos for practical thinking. Reports suggest teams have made it as far as the airport.

Jack’s in the middle of compiling a YouTube clip of the race start. I hope you’re impressed with our Web 2.0-ness.

~ Grimm

11.16am – It’s started and they’re racing! Contestants had to run from the library and grab their tasks by the pyramid at the back of Civic Square – look at them all.  (Sorry to the man in the cafe! Libraries usually are quiet.)

Loads of people are wearing costumes.

If you’re wandering around Wellington and people are being a bit odd now you know why.

Ella hasn’t said lanyard yet so no chocolate. We’re miffed. We’re off for brunch. See you later.

~ Grimm, Simon, Jack

10:34am – Simon, Grimm and I have decided we’re going to eat a chocolate every time Ella says lanyard, you must play games like this when liveblogging. We will enjoy this.

– Jack

10.27am – More and more teams. This is what the staffroom is kind of looking like now:

The multiboard was found. Jack’s in charge of music of course. He said: “I’m just going to play what I want.” We’re hoping this is favourable. One team has bodypaint. Interesting.

Simon: “Do you think they will mind if I have a muesli bar?” (see previous food photo). So he takes one. Ella (race mastermind): “What are you doing?”.

~ Grimm

10.05am – First team up! Plus two more. People at race HQ are trying to find a multiboard. Where are they when you need them?

~ Grimm

9.49am – It’s almost time for the Almost Amazing Race to begin. Already there are some teens lurking in the library, which is a hopeful sign – over sixty have registered, so it should become quite crowded soon. And there’s no rain!

We will liveblog the entire event in this post. Refresh (F5) often! Here’s a tiny photo of all the packs and lanyards everyone gets, and there’s another even tinier photo of some of the snacks etc. Squint. Yum, Weetbix.

~ Simon


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