What’s making the news in the book world at the moment?

Twilight‘s very big in France. So much so that French teenagers are also discovering Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (spurred on by Bella’s keen interest). This Guardian article made me laugh – especially the bit where the reader complains that Wuthering Heights is “written in the language of my great grandmother.” Well, yes. Edward’s looking very dapper in the photo too. Haven’t read Wuthering Heights yet? Perhaps you should (warning, book may contain the language of your great great great great grandmother).

If you’re a fan of the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast check out this article on their latest book, Hunted (which we currently don’t have but will soon). You can also listen to the second chapter, courtesy of MacMillan Young Listeners.

Hot on the heels of Charlie Higson’s popular, specially commissioned Young Bond series (about James Bond when he was studying at Eaton and shortly after), there’s going to be a Young Sherlock Holmes series too (the Guardian again). I’m guessing he won’t be smoking his pipe, but the hat’s actually quite voguish now, and a younger Watson might have a few more clues. Haven’t read The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes yet? Perhaps you should.

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