the race is nearly hereSaturday is D Day remember for the Almost Amazing Race.

Here are a couple of pieces of information to make your race day a bit easier and maybe more competitive…

1) Library cards. It is highly probable that having a library card (a Wellington City Libraries card, that is) may well earn you some valuable bonus points. In fact, the more team members with library cards the better. If you are registered for the Almost Amazing Race and you don’t have a WCL library card and you would like one (but you just haven’t got around to it yet) there’s still time between now and Saturday! Visit our joining page for info on what you need to do.

2) Bus bus. A quick hint from Ella, race mastermind: you can get a group daytripper bus pass thingy for $12.00 – this would cover all four of you for the whole day. Group passes can be bought from the bus driver (on the bus). This may well come in handy, but isn’t essential/required.

Finally, if you’ve preregistered and haven’t quite got around to sending in your signed confirmation back to us yet: don’t forget!