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Teen Blog Competition ’08: win Twilight stuff

Short Short StoryCan you write a good short story? To celebrate the end of the year, and to thank our readers, we’ve got a Twilight pack (including the Twilight soundtrack and more) to give away to the best short short story. It’s a most excellent prize – a must for any Twilight fan and very useful for trading if you’re not. We will also have internationally-acclaimed illustrator Gavin Mouldey illustrate the winning story!

So what do you have to do? Just write a short story, not more than 350 words (it can be as short as you like), that includes each of the following three words or phrases (exactly as written – think outside the box: is the word a noun only, or can it be used as a verb/describing word?):

  1. forks¹
  2. a swan
  3. red carpet

¹note that this is a small f, so we’re not looking for place names.

Your story can be about anything. We will be particularly impressed if:

  1. the story is well written and grammatical and all that
  2. the three things listed above are well concealed in the story
  3. the story has a clever twist or point of interest.

Send your stories to teenblog@wcl.govt.nz before 12pm on 24 December 2008. Please include your name and your library card number (very important!). The winner will be announced soon as in the new year (so you can get the most out of your calendar).

Small print:
You must be aged between 13 and 18 to enter. You must also be a Wellington City Library member. Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into etc etc., although we do like getting emails and comments. The winning story and any others that are particularly special will be published on the teen blog, so if you send a story in be prepared for it to be published.

Good luck! Tell your friends to enter too, to make the competition more worth your while (healthy competition is a good thing)!


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Make way for ducklings


  1. Midnight Magic
    By Katherine Agnew
    Bella’s pov
    The Dream

    I had weird dreams last night about Edward and me. It was like déjà vu. Like I been there before. It was dark and cold. Well I kind of forgot most of it. It’s like those dreams you have when you are dreaming about it and then you wake up and just forget about it in a flash. As I woke up from the nightmare I was aware of Edward stroking my face next to me on my bed. I was in a sitting position trying to remember the dream but obviously I forgot.
    “Bella are you alright” Edward whisperd. I looked up at him his golden butterscotch eyes staring back at me. His eyes were so dazzling that I thought I could see his sole but clearly that is impossible.
    “Bella! Edward shook me gently trying to snap me out of my daydreaming.
    “Edward I had a nightmare” I felt bad by saying that to him because that will just make him feel bad in the inside and make him upset. His eyes tightened. His face looked worried and upset. Great now I’ve done it.
    “Aw Bella shh its ok shh everything is going to be ok”
    He cradled me in his arms and began humming my lullaby.
    “Would you like to tell me what happened in your dream” he asked softly.
    “Erm… I forget it was strange though. It felt like I been there before and you were there as well and it doesn’t matter really. I would probably dream about it again as I always do”
    He smiled at me his gorgeous and my favourite smile that I loved and slowly it faded. He sighed.
    “I heard you talking in your dream “he admitted.
    “What did I say?
    “You said Edward don’t leave me here I don’t want you to dye don’t go please no. I tried to wake you up by shaking you but you didn’t seem to wake up. And then you started saying hold me Edward please hold tight. So I put my hand on yours and then you stopped talking. And that’s when you woke up and then I got worried that you were starting to sleep walk”
    I felt so sorry for Edward having to be worried when I sleep talk bad and scary things. It probably made him feel bad inside.
    “Oh Edward I am so sorry that you had to see that” I blushed with embarrassment
    He cradled my face.
    “Bella don’t feel sorry for me. Or you. It was a dream that made you scared and indomitable. I don’t want you to feel that way. And don’t worry if you have one of those dreams again I will sing all night if I have to. Why was I going to kill myself in your dream?
    I thinked hard but I couldn’t find any answers. It was so hard to remember what happened. It felt like someone was blocking me from thinking about it.
    I looked up at Edward.
    “I don’t really remember Edward. It is so hard to remember what actually happened. It was so real and vivid”
    He smiled.
    “Don’t worry Bella. I will definably wake you up next time to hear what happens”
    He winked and then chucked.
    I laughed a shaky laugh but I think he didn’t noticed. I yawned. I was so tired after that dream. It felt so real it was a shame I couldn’t remember.
    “I think you should sleep Bella. It looks like you need it” he kissed the top of my forehead with is icy cool lips and started humming my lullaby again. And finally I dropped of to sleep.

    Christmas Day

    I still kept having the strange dreams. But I kept forgetting what it was about. It was so weird when I forgot about it. Even Edward started to worry if someone was possessing my mind but enough of talking about it is only a dream anyway. Or is it?
    I woke up to another new day but it wasn’t any old day it was Christmas day. A festive season for giving and celebrating Jesus birth. My only concern was if Edward spent too much on me. Like when he gives his sister a Porsche. For crying out loud who gives there sister a Porsche for Christmas.
    Instead of worrying what Edward was going to get me for Christmas. I decided to get ready because Edward planned that I should spend Christmas with his family. Which I was sort of looking forward to. I put on my blue dress that I bought when I went shopping with Alice and I wore my Santa hat to bring a little festive spirit to the Cullen’s house. I straightened my hair and wore it down for the special occasion and wore my high heals. Hopefully I won’t trip in them.
    Charlie wasn’t at home to spend Christmas with me. He was to busy because of being the chief of forks and everything. But he did say he will spend it with me tonight and he did apologise thousands of times of how sorry he was. But I didn’t really care.
    Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I skipped down stairs and opened the door. He was standing there as always but he was holding mistletoe above both of us. And I knew what was going to happen.
    “Merry Christmas Bella” Oh looks mistletoe time for a kiss”
    “He pressed his cold lips to mine. This is going to be the best Christmas ever. We stood there kissing for three minutes and then he stopped. He chuckled at the doorstep.
    “Merry Christmas Edward” I held out my card and present.
    He smiled at me. His dazzling smile I always loved.
    “Aw Bella you shouldn’t have”
    “Go on Edward open it”
    He smiled and opened it with one tug. Inside were a sliver watch that I saved up for weeks and a box with expensive aftershave. He chuckled.
    “I wasn’t sure about the aftershave because you don’t really need it anyway” I admitted.
    He hugged me without giving me time to think.
    “Thank you” he whispered
    “Anytime” I said relieved.
    He let go of me and put the sliver watch on his pale white wrist. It looked so pretty on his skin it made me want to stare at it all day. He opened the box of aftershave and sprayed some on quickly. He smiled a playful smile.
    “I smell crooked” he chuckled.
    I laughed he didn’t need to put it on straight away. Maybe he just wanted to make me happy.
    “Shall we go now?
    “Ok let’s go”
    He twined his hand around mine and led me to the sliver Volvo. It was snowing in Forks. Which was different from having rain all the time? I just wish that I had a scarf on me but thankfully I had my coat on which will do. He went inside the Volvo before I could blink and he started the engine. It purred like a panther when we started driving. I sighed.
    “So what sort of present have you got me. Or have you not got me anything just to make me happy” I asked curiously.
    He sighed.
    “Bella of course I got you a present. I am allowed to get you a present if you are allowed to get me one. Plus it is a hand me down gift. So I haven’t spent any money on you. Are you happy now?
    I smiled. Few now I don’t need to worry about the present anymore.
    “Thank you Edward” I smiled.
    “Anytime” he smiled back.
    As soon as we were turning into the Cullen drive I noticed Alice decorated the place from top to bottom. There were lots of blue Christmas lights decorating every tree. I saw there was a giant 50 foot Santa that you couldn’t miss. Christmas bobbles hanging everywhere. And the house was decorated with angels and snowflakes.
    As we stopped outside the house Carlisle and Esme were waiting for us outside the front porch. There two welcoming smiley faces waiting for me to come inside to spend Christmas with them. Edward opened the car door for me and helped me out.
    “By the way I love the blue dress “he whispered so only I could hear.
    I smiled at the friendly comment he gave me and started towards the Cullen house. Esme greeted me with a hug and kissed my cheek. Carlisle smiled and shook my hand.
    “Merry Christmas Bella” Esme smiled.
    I smiled “Merry Christmas thank you for inviting me”
    She hugged me.
    “No worries Bella you are always welcome in this family”
    Edward squeezed my hand I looked up and smiled at his dazzling face.
    We walked through the front porch and saw Alice standing at the top of the staircase. She smiled her pixie smile and gracefully danced down the stairs with Jasper neatly by her side. Alice and Jasper were truly good together. I could tell when they look at each others golden eyes.
    Alice gracefully danced down the stairs holding a brightly sliver package in her hands. It was medium and I was curious of what was inside.
    She stood neatly by my side and kissed my cheek and then hugged Edward. She wrinkled her nose in disgust after hugging Edward. There was something she didn’t like about Edward in this cold morning.
    “Holy hell Edward are you wearing aftershave! She shouted so loud that the whole house heard and Emmett and Rosalie were downstairs in flash. Emmett was laughing by the time Alice shouted. It he gave me quite a fright. Edward chuckled at everyone’s reaction and I just blushed for there amusement.
    “Honesty Alice am I never allowed to put on any of my Christmas presents”
    Everyone stared at me and it made me blush even more and Emmett laughed even harder. Esme clapped her hands. It sounded like two boulders crashing together. That gave me another fright and Edward chuckled at my reaction.
    “Ok enough of the arguing of what Edward smells like. Its time for the Christmas dinner”
    “Yah” Alice chimed.
    We all walked into the dinning room which has never been used. As we were walking I could see that the whole house was decorated with Christmases things. Like the huge Christmas tree stuffed with presents at the bottom and the tinsel all around the walls. It looked so magical.
    As we walked into the dinning room the table was covered with a white blanket and with food piled high on top of it. But it wasn’t just your normal Christmas dinner. It was a vampire Christmas dinner. The table was covered with glasses of blood, animals lying there dead and on the other side of the table was my food.
    I gasped.
    Edward heard my reaction.
    “Don’t worry Bella. We do this every year just try and not look at our food and you will be fine”
    Jasper stared at me worried.
    “Err Edward… Bella is really indomitable about this. I can sense it”
    Edward sqeesed my hand.
    “Don’t worry if you don’t feel well Alice or Carlisle will take you outside”
    Carlisle and Alice nodded.
    “Bella do you want to open your present now or later?
    “Maybe later Alice” I said weakly.
    She shrugged and skipped to the table and took her seat with Jasper next to her.
    I took my place next to Edward and started eating my turkey.
    The others were eating all the dead animals on the table. I could here them chewing and ripping the flesh of the skin of the animals. Edward stopped eating and stared at me worried.
    “Bella you look a little green do you want me and Alice to take you outside for some fresh air?
    I nodded weakly. I felt really dizzy and the room around me was starting to spin around me. I got off my seat and Edward and Alice grabbed both of my hands and we left the room in my human pace. They didn’t seem to mind of how slow I was going which was good.
    Alice opened the door and they both helped me out into the back porch. It was snowing as I walked out. It got colder and I shivered at the temperature.
    “Are you feeling ok now Bella” Edward asked curiously.
    Actually I was feeling much better. The cold cooling air was sort of like an antidote. Just like when I smell Edward. It helps chase all the nightmares away when I sleep.
    “Yeah thanks Edward the dizziness is starting to go now”
    Edward didn’t pay any attention to me after that. Neither did Alice. They were both staring at the snowy forest in the clearing.
    “Edward what’s the matter” I asked worried. I tried to shake him out of his concentration but he didn’t budge. He grab my arms and put them at my side gently still watching the clearly.
    “Impossible” he murmured
    “What is Edward?”
    He looked like he was about to cry and so did Alice. But vampires can’t cry but maybe they do tearless cries.
    “My sister she’s hear”
    “Esme lost child” Alice murmured.

    Katherine Cullen

    In the far clearing I could see a tall figure standing there worried if she should move or not. She had long chocolate brown hair that went nearly towards her waist; she wore a lovely winter outfit which will out beat my blue dress any day, her skin matched the snow falling outside and her eyes were a nice honey colour. And not forgetting that she looked exceptionally beautiful.
    She stood in the clearing really still like a statue that had stood there for a thousand years. Her eyes looked worried like she went to the wrong place.
    “Carlisle Esme” Edward murmured. In one second Carlisle and Esme were right by our sides. I think Emmett and Rosalie were still eating the Christmas food but I didn’t really care.
    “What’s the matter Edward” Carlisle asked worried that he might of went into shock. Edward didn’t move he just slowly pointed to the young vampire in the clearing. Emse and Carlisle both looked in the direction of where Edward was pointing. Esme face slowly changed into a shocked expression.
    “Is that who I think it is Edward” Esme asked still shocked of what was happening. Edward nodded slowly. The young vampire started to walk slowly towards us. A smile was playing in her face as she walked towards us in a graceful pace. Edward smiled back at her which is not like him. The vampire stopped 15 feet away from us. I was thinking she smelled my blood but Edward didn’t show any warning that she was. Finally she spoke for the first time
    “Mum…..Dad” She asked still smiling. There was a long silence in that moment. It was making feel indomitable. Esme and Carlisle smiled at the same time and then in a flash they were hugging the stranger and doing sob less cries. It made me feel like I was going to cry because they have never seen their child in hundreds of years and to finally find her must be thrilling. I looked to face Edward but he wasn’t there. He was at the vampire hugging her and so was Alice. I felt so happy for Edward finding his sister. Even if he never talked about her much. But I don’t really get it. How could their child be alive if they told me she died? There must be a story about this but I don’t know what.
    In a second Edward was by my side with his hand wrapped around mine. Then he faced me with a wide smile between his face.
    “Bella meet Katherine. Katherine meet Bella. Bella this is my sister I will explain the story later” I nodded at Edward and shook Katherine’s hand. She looked dead friendly and excited.
    “Please to meet you Bella. I’m sure we will be good friends” She said it all friendly. Like I was just brand new to the family again.
    “Nice to meet you to Katherine. Edward can I talk to you in private”
    He looked at me suspiciously and shrugged.
    We walked towards the house and I could feel Katherine watching every step I take. She must be wondering why I’m the only human here. We were in the kitchen and Edward closed the sliding doors.
    “Ok Bella what’s the matter? He said softly.
    “Edward, Esme told me she was dead how is she still alive?
    He sighed and looked straight into my face.
    “Bella I told you I will explain everything later…..”
    “But I want to know now” I interrupted.
    He sighed again. It was an impatient sigh. There must be a lot of explaining involved.
    “ Esme made it up. She didn’t know if she died. Katherine was 17 years old when she left. People were saying that she went missing. Carlisle and Esme were very upset. We all were. We tried to forget about her. That’s how my mother hasn’t been talking about her. I read her mind” he admitted.
    “What was she thinking” I asked impatiently.
    “Well while she was walking she was telling me how she got kidnapped. She got kidnapped by the volturia. It was some girl called Kerry. She kidnapped her and turned her into a vampire. She wanted her to join forces with the volturia. Years she was trying to escape. But if she ever got caught she would have to die. Kerry was very stricted with her. She made sure she didn’t go out much and made sure someone kept an eye on her. Katherine loved to research about us and tried to make plans to make her escape and now she has”
    My eyes went watery. It was such a shame she got treated so bad there. I can’t believe the volturia never told Edwards parents where she was. It is just so upsetting. I could imagine how Katherine would feel to never see her family for years. I felt so sad Edwards’s parents too. Having to try and forget there only child. The volturia are such stricted people they made me sick
    Edward wrapped his arms round me.
    “I know. I know. It’s ok” he whispered. We stood there for a while. Until I dried my eyes out. I usually got emotional after I hear a sad story. And that definitely was a sad story. I have seen the volturia and they are not nice people. After what they did to me and Edward……well its sort of hard to talk about. I just hope Katherine settles into the Cullen family or will she?

    Little Visits

    After crying my eyes out all morning Edward decided to take me home. But he couldn’t stay for long because Carlisle wanted him to stay at home to bond with Katherine. So I had a big long day to do nothing. So I thought I should make a Christmas dinner for Charlie and me because I didn’t really have much of the Cullen’s Christmas dinner.
    Charlie was back home by the time I put his plate at the table. He seemed happy enough to find out that I made him a Christmas dinner.
    “That’s smells good Bell’s”
    I smiled and gave him his fork and knife.
    “So dad how was work?
    He took a while to answer maybe because my Christmas dinner really did taste good for once.
    “Well there was nothing for me to do so I just stayed at the police station all day. Very boring” he mumbled.
    We never really talked much after that. So we just ate in peace. After we finished dinner he slouched on his chair with his hands rubbing his stomach.
    “So bell’s how was Christmas with the Cullen’s?
    “It was ok I guess. Look dad im really tired can I go to bed please?
    He sighed.
    “Sure goodnight Bells”
    “Goodnight dad”
    I skipped up the stairs. I didn’t really want to talk about what happened at the Cullen’s. Because there will be a lot of explaining invold and I was too tired to say anything.
    I took a shower and put my pyjamas on and jumped into my bed. I knew I was going to get that dream again. So I wasn’t really looking forward to sleeping and plus, Edward isn’t here to chase my nightmares away. I tried to stay up and wait for Edward but I was too tired. I dosed off for a little while until I heard someone knocking my window.
    My eyes slowly managed to read who was knocking my window. She had brown hair and yellow eyes. I knew suddenly who it was. I jumped out my bed and opened the window. But she was gone. I only heard a large scream going downwards. So I looked to see where the noise was coming from. Katherine was lying there on the lawn.
    “Katherine why are you on my lawn?
    She stood up and leaned on the wall.
    “Well I was holding onto your window until you opened it”
    “Oh sorry but I thought vampires were good at balancing”
    She sighed
    “I wasn’t really allowed out much a while ago”
    I understood what she was trying to say and I stepped back to let her jump in through my window. She landed in my room in one single stride. Thankfully Charlie was asleep because if he wasn’t….well lets just say Charlie will think there was a cat burglar in the house.
    “So what is it you want?
    She thinked for a moment of how she was going to answer my question.
    “Erm……Merry Christmas” she squeaked
    I sighed.
    “So you went all the way to my house. Fell out my window. Just to say Merry Christmas?

    “Well technically that’s not true. I actually sneaked out, got lost halfway to your house and then fell out your window.
    I laughed. She held out a small card that said my name on it.
    “I’m supposed to give you this card too”
    “Erm thanks”
    “You should probably know I’m breaking the rules right now. Well, not technically, since Carlisle said I was never to walk out of his door again, and I came out through the window… But, still, the intent was clear. Please don’t tell anyone that I am at your house.
    Wow so she sneaked out of the house. Just to say merry Christmas and give me a card. Well she is something I suppose.
    “Ok……you are one strange person”
    She laughed a chimed laugh like Alice.
    “Tell me about I……”
    She froze for a moment then went back to life.
    “Sorry got to go Edwards coming”
    I sighed
    “I can read minds like he can you know”
    “Cool well you better go now bye Katherine”
    She went into a crouch position and coiled like a spring out of my window. I Ran to my window to wave goodbye to her but she was already gone.


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