New CDs and new DVDs – can there be no greater thrill? There are a few blockbuster films included in today’s line-up. And only one CD.

Doll Domination – Pussycat Dolls. Incredibly, this is only their second studio album. This copy comes with a “bonus” CD containing one solo track from each member of the group.

And the DVDs are:

The Simpsons : Around The World in 80 D’ohs
The Simpsons : Treehouse of Horror
(V, VI, VII, and XII)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull
– This is the fourth Indiana Jones film. It was co-written by George Lucas, who reportedly wanted it to have more aliens. 
Drillbit Taylor : Budget Bodyguard – Three kids hire a cheap soldier-of-fortune, played by the very funny Owen Wilson, to take revenge on their two bullies.
Doctor Who : Series 4 Volume 3 – This has three episodes; ‘Silence in the Library’, ‘Forest of the Dead’, and ‘Midnight’.
The Incredible Hulk – This is the 2008 film, which gets a Metacritic score of 61 – as opposed to the 2003 film, which only gets 54.