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Nouveau Livre …

… may be French for ‘new books’ (it may not be; it’s been a while). And here – voila! – they are.

The Case of the Diamond Shadow, by Sophie Masson (186 pages) – Adventurous sleuths, Daisy and George, find themselves hot on the tail of a daring jewel thief, all the while living lives of glamour in 1930s London.

Ostrich Boys, by Keith Gray (352 pages) – Three boys take – well, steal, really – their late friend’s ashes after his depressing and dispiriting funeral, and travel 261 miles to a tiny hamlet in Scotland called Ross (which was also his first name).

The Trap, by Sarah Wray (232 pages) – A scary whodunnit about fifteen-year-old Luke, who is offered a job at a summer camp for kids. A camp where (it is rumoured) three teens disappeared a few years earlier. After Luke discovers cryptic notes and one of his friends is attacked, he realises that he has been suckered into a deadly trap. A reviewer on Amazon was ‘too scared to continue reading it late at night’.

Brisingr, by Christopher Paolini (763 pages) – You will probably have heard of this, the third in the Inheritance Cycle series of books that began with Eragon. Apparently it’s better than the first two books, which is good news for fans. But will there be a movie?

The Summoning :Darkest Powers Vol. 1, by Kelley Armstrong (390 pages) – Chloe Saunders can see ghosts, and soon she is so bothered by them she breaks down and winds up in a home for disturbed kids. Once there she quickly realises that not all is at it seems …

Oddest of All, by Bruce Colville (235 pages) – This is a collection of nine odd (and spooky) short stories.

Mistik Lake, by Martha Brooks (207 pages) – From the catalogue synopsis: “After Odella’s mother leaves her, her sisters, and their father in Manitoba and moves to Iceland with another man, she then dies there, and the family finally learns some of the many secrets that have haunted them for two generations.” I feel drawn to recommend this book, as Iceland is my favourite country! (And also it’s favourably reviewed.)

Manga For The Beginner, by Christopher Hart (192 pages) – Books on how to draw manga are popular in the library. This book has many clear instructions and loads of examples for the budding manga artist.


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  1. Catherine

    Just to let you know that the french for ‘New Books’ is ‘Nouveau Livre’. What you have got as the title is ‘New Free’

    Your french friend

  2. Merci! I shall change it ~

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