Here’s a new list of online Flash games. Perfect for a rainy weekend. Or a sunny weekend – either way. A previous list may be found here.

Maze Stopper 2 – you must reach the flag before the computer. You can stop time! And build obstacles!
Switch – your magnetic ball must collect all the balls of the same colour – you can change colour whenever you like, but don’t touch the other colour. Or else it’s all over.
Defender – you need to protect the planet from aliens. I think (I haven’t played this one yet).
Foolyu – you must fight weird three-eyed monsters. It’s really cool! It’s all in Japanese (apart for ‘game over!’), but pretty easy to work out.
SWFRoads – pilot your spaceship (?) at mad speeds through am obstacle course – in space! Highly addictive.
Samorast – this is a puzzle. Quite a hard puzzle! Very atmospheric.