Another New Zealand book that might grab your fancy, reviewed with flair…

Tanith by Sherryl Jordan

Full of suspision and anger at the girl that their Chief brought home one night, the villagers took it out on Tanith. Calling her “wolf-woman” and generally being mean to her, Tanith finds solace with a pack of wolves. The villagers find more and more reason to suspect Tanith of witch craft when a pledge son comes to love her. To destroy her “power” the villagers kill the pack of wolves. I really got into Tanith and just had to read it in a day, but unfortunately night came all to soon and I had to put it down just to continue it the next day! The only thing I didn’t like was the ending… Tanith should have gone with the wolves, and the pledge son should have gone with her. My favourite character would have to be the wolf cubs, they just sounded sooooo adorable. Over all a good book.

~ Ana (15)