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Muggles, Voldemort, and Full-Frontal Cruciatas

The trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has been released. Interestingly, Harry doesn’t make much of an appearance, though if you’ve read the book you will understand why. It will be released in early December. You can watch it here, or check it out – and the official plot summary – below.

(Since we’re talking about teen novels that have been turned into films, you may want to check out Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging, which is due for release on the 18th of September.)

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You don’t look a day over 108

This Saturday the fouth book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series will be released. Titled Breaking Dawn, it continues the story of teenager Bella, her 108-year-old vampire love, Edward, and werewolf best pal, Jacob. We have it on order, which means that you can reserve it now – as I write this it has 51 reserves already, so there’s certainly no understating the interest in the series. You can read some of the first chapter here. The first three books, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, are already held by the library, and if you want to read them you’d better reserve them fast!

If you’re unsure what all the fuss is, this article from the Guardian may help. The film adaption of Twilight is due for release on the 12th of December, and judging from the books’ popularity, it will be a hit – you can view the trailers and some clips on the official YouTube page.

What rhymes with ‘purple’?

Write Rhymes is a site 
to help you with your plight;
when lost for a word
and you need to be spurred –
your poem will rhyme just right.

Do you like my limerick?
It only took two minutes.
Something something realpolitik,
Nothing rhymes with ‘minutes’

Gran of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables turns one hundred this year, and to celebrate an extensive website has been put together. It has an introduction to Anne, a list of Anne books (and there are lots), and an Anne quiz. If you’re new to the Anne of Green Gables books you will want to read from the beginning, which the library – believe it or not – has for you. If you don’t want to read it, you can always watch the television series (and two sequels).

An Anne book was written and published this year; Before Green Gables, a prequel to the original book.

Anne is also very popular in Japan.

For more links and news, check out Blogging Anne of Green Gables.


Kiwis are more creative than most when it comes to ways to have fun outdoors. We are especially well known for thrill-seeking activities such as bungy jumping or the Fly-by-Wire.  More recently various multi-sport events are growing in New Zealand. Well-established events such as Triathlon and Duathlon are being transformed by taking the format but completely changing the nature of the diciplines. One example of this is Triplecross, which involves a trail run, mountain bike, and moto x leg instead of the traditional run, cycle, and swim format.

The great thing about multi-sports is that there are endless options and variations to suit most interests. Like the idea of triathlon but you’re not keen on swimming? Try duathlon, or replace it with a kayak leg.  Or maybe you like both but don’t want to run or cycle on the streets; no problem, just go for a trail running and mountain biking version like Xterra

The New Zealand Endurance Sport website has events and clubs for adventure racing, cycling, mountain biking, multisport, orienteering, running, and triathlon. So have a look and give something a go – in the meantime here are some library resources to help get you started.  These are all from the adult collection so the magazines have a 50c charge.

New Zealand Multisport
New Zealand Triathlete
New Zealand Orienteering

Triathlon Made Easy by Zoe MacDonald
Get Carter : The Hamish Carter Story by Phil Taylor
Starting Triathlon  by Mark Barfield

Adventure Racing: The Ultimate Guide by Liz Caldwell
Yukon Alone: The Worlds Toughest Adventure Race by John Balzar

Orienteering by Ian Bratt
Outward Bound Orienteering Handbook by Martin Bagness

James Patterson keeps on writing

book coverWell, I don’t know if James Patterson has invented a 30-hour day, or if he gets no sleep or what; he sure is a busy man at any rate. He’s a best-selling writer for adults (including the Women’s Murder Club series that’s been made into a TV series) and now young adults (the Maximum Ride series*), spurred on, it seems, by his son.

His latest effort is The Dangerous Days of Daniel X. Daniel is an alien hunter, out to catch and destroy the dastardly ETs who murdered his parents. It’s bound to keep you on the edge of your seat, so reserve it now… it’s somewhere in the back rooms of the library waiting to be catalogued and processed. I think there are more Daniel Cross books to come too.

* I hear they might be making a movie some time in the not too distant future.

Review of (last) week III

This is the third of the reviews from last week that earned their writer a bonus entry in the final draw. Even if your review isn’t featured on this website, don’t despair; you will have been rewarded for your efforts.

Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer

This book is the final in the ‘Twilight‘ trilogy. It is an in-depth look at the mind of a teenage girl faced with the age old problem of true love. The only difference for Bella is that her love, Edward, is a vampire! He doesn’t think they should be together because they are from two different and potentially dangerous world. In the second book, he even goes so far as to leave the country to try and make her forget about him. They are both too miserable without each other, although at the end she finds solace in an old friend, Jacob. Ultimately Bella has to make the decision, does she want friendship and safety, or passion and to always be living life on the edge. She has to choose between Edward and Jacob, and the strings that come attached with each. Can she overlook true love or lose her friendship with the only person who was there for her during Edward’s disappearance? A truly moving and inspiring story about love, friendship and the obstacles one has to overcome to achieve both.

~ Chloe (15)

Review of (last) week II

Uglies, by Scott Westerfield

The way that Uglies is written gets you sucked into the story, and when you have something sorted out, your beliefs are shattered in the next papagraph. This book has you crying, laughing, and yet unable to put it down. Tally is really a part of everyone, as she is forced through her life, and seems to always make the wrong decision, which relates to everyone in a way. I would recommend this book to all who love a good read.

~ Hannah (13)

Review of the Week I

We have received many wonderful reviews this week, as part of the SubText08 programme currently running for teens. Here is the first of several reviews that we enjoyed reading. The genre for the week was ‘graphic novels’, and this review of a graphic novel was excellent!

Nancy Drew Vol 6 : Mr Cheeters is Missing, by Stefan Petrucha

Being a fan of the original Carolyn Keene Nancy Drew Series, I have to say I was disappointed at the mystery aspect of this graphic novel. The novels are filled with intriguing, nail-biting mysteries; while the graphic novels are a poor excuse for so-called mystery writing.

Although the way the graphic novels are illustrated is great and I also enjoy seeing my favourite character being brought to life in a different form, I think that it would be better if the author, Stefan Petrucha, made graphic novels of the original, well-known stories, instead of trying (and failing) to write his own Nancy Drew stories.

My reason for thinking this, may just be because I am incredibly biased towards the ‘true’ Nancy Drew books, but I probably won’t be recommending this series to any of my friends.

I give this graphic novel, 2 stars because of the storyline – the overall product is readable and, possibly, enjoyable for some, but sadly not for me.

~ Melissa (13)

One weekly winner wins

All the entries for this week’s SubText08 draw were crammed in a very well-made (if I do say so myself) box and drawn by Children and Young Person Specialist and fashion icon, Ella, and special guest star, Zac Efron. The winner is Melissa, who has won a $40 book voucher.


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