That’s right, more new books. Free!*

*(if borrowed on a YA card)

  •  Secret Schemes and Daring Dreams, by Rosie Rushton (215 pages) – What would happen, asks this book’s back cover, if Jane Austen’s Emma was set in the 21st Century? Rosie Rushton has also adapted Northanger Abbey for the 21st Century into Summer of Secrets.
  • The Ashleys, by Melissa de la Cruz (247 pages) – The first in what threatens to be another series of books about the rich and glamorous at a Prepatory School for Girls. The Ashleys (a group of rich and glamorous girls all named Ashley) are in danger of losing their popularity. Catastrophe!
  • The Clique series, by Lisi Harrison – There are nine of these now, and if you like The Ashleys (or Gossip Girl) you may like these books about rich, glamorous girls with “deeply tanned, Chanel No. 19-scented hands.”
  • Bloodline, by Katy Moran (308 pages) – “In the wild landscape of Dark Age Britain, Essa is abandoned by his father in a lonely marsh-village trapped between two warring kingdoms. Destined to become tangles in the bitter feud, Essa’s part on it is more important than he ever dreamed” (Book cover). This is very good introduction to historical fiction; according to a reviewer on it is “beautifully and evocatively written, and impeccably researched”.
  • Feasting the Wolf, by Susan Price (308 pages) – Two friends sail off with a Viking raiding party, hoping for the glory and honour of battle. But the “arrows of war threaten to pierce their loyalty, the axes to sever their friendship”. Very exciting stuff.