We suddenly have fifty new teen books! (I carefully counted them all.) Far too many to list, but here are some of the more interesting ones:

  • Once Upon A Time In The North, by Phillip Pullman (95 pages). This small book recounts the meeting of Lee Scoresby and Iorek Byrnison. Great for fans of His Dark Materials! We also have the Golden Compass on DVD (not so great for fans of the books).
  • Snow Falling in Spring, by Moying Li (176 pages). This biography of a girl growing up in the Chinese Cultural Revolution will appeal to those who enjoyed the Chinese Cinderella books.
  • Maximum Ride : The Final Warning, by James Patterson (312 pages). The latest in the very popular series.
  • Breathe My Name, by R. A. Nelson (314 pages). Eleven years ago, Frances Robinson’s three sisters were smothered by their mother. Now she is to be released from prison, and Frances needs to know why. Kym describes this as a ‘smashingly good read.’
  • The Puzzling World of Winston Breen, by Eric Berlin (215 pages). Winston Breen loves puzzles. When he and his sister find a puzzle in an antique box, he and his friends find themselves hunting for long-hidden treasure. Excitingly, this book is full of challenging puzzles for the reader to do as well.