Letters From The Coffin-Trenches
Ken Catran
140 pages
The theme of this book is a love story set during WWI. While New Zealand are trying to help win the war, Harry and Jessica are still trying to succed with their love for each other.

Recommend?: I would recommend this to others as it is such a good book to show you the life of soldiers fighting during the war. It shows the pain and glory they went through while their friends and comrades are dying around them. It also shows the life of family at home and the pain they went through, even though they weren’t fighting they were hoping their father, brother, son, uncle, husband or friend would return home to them safely.

Favourite Character: : My favourite character would have to be Harry. He acts so brave even though he is so scared inside and he puts so much of his heart into everthing he does while fighting. I learnt from him that nothing was brought to them easily and anything they wanted they had to fight for.

Favourite Scene: : My favourite scene is at the very start of the book when both Harry and Jessica are so happy with their lives as they are together. Harry is about to join the army and is looking forward to it as he thinks it will be his honour to fight for his country and its people.

Score: 3 stars
~ superstarcasey