My Lost and Found Life
Melodie Bowsher
312 pages

Theme: The theme of this book is Ashley’s mother disappearing after embezzling 1.2 million dollars and Ashley is left with debts and rising bills.

Recommend?: It is a really good book because it captures what life is like when you have lots of money, the latest clothes and a hot boyfriend. Then when your mother has disappeared after embezzling a million dollars, how do you cope with selling the house to pay off debts? You get to experience what Ashley is feeling and how she is coping with all of this.

Favourite Character: : My favourite character would have to be Ashley because even though times are tough she gets through it all with a smile. She has determination and willpower, and is inspiring to others.

Favourite Scene: My favourite scene would have to be when Patrick takes Ashley away for the weekend to a place in the mountains. It is really sweet and shows that he cares about her.
Score: 4 stars
~ Little Purple Penguin