Lady Friday
Garth Nix
278 pages

Theme: Magical world, good vs. bad, underdog fights back.

Recommend?: It’s a good book, and an easy read, but you won’t understand it if you haven’t read the 4 books that precede it.

Favourite Character: My favourite character would have to be the main character, Arthur Penhaligon, because even though he has adapted well to the situation he’s in, he’s not a conventional hero – he’s not strong, and he make more mistakes than his companions. That being said, he’s a pretty resourceful guy, who uses the power of the magical Key to the Kingdom he carries to its full advantage.

Favourite Scene: My favourite scene from Lady Friday is the one where Arthur decides to use magic again, despite the fact tht it will corrupt his body and possibly prevent him returning to his home world. Arthur realises he must protect his friends, and that it’s better fight and protect your honour.
Score: 3 stars
~ Black Cat