Kids’ Review by Emily

Warriors Book #1: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

I love this book. It is the first of the fantastic Warriors series. Rusty is a kittypet. He has strange dreams about going into the forest at the edge of his owner’s property. He meets Greypaw first, then Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan. He joins the clan, and you should read what goes next. 5 stars.

Review by Emily of Newlands

Get Lost and Survive

What would you do if you ever get lost in the bush? Not that you’d want that to happen, but it would really be helpful if you know what to do. Lost in the Bush by Lindy Kelly is just the book to help you. It gives you the basic rules to follow to prevent getting lost, also guidelines to keep you safe until help arrives if you get lost. There are activitites in the book to help you remember the guidelines easily. This is all done with great illustrations as well. So head on down to the childrens’ non fiction area now and don’t get lost!

Extreme situations handbook

Would you like to be always prepared to handle extreme adventures and situations? Get to grips with the most demanding challenges and become utterly knowledgeable in all manner of dangerous situations. The Jungle Explorer action seeker handbook is a wealth of andrenalin pumping information to get you through the toughest situation you might encounter. It comes with a selection of insects that you can eat when faced with survival challenges. It also comes with a…



Reading this book can make normal life seem unbearably boring.

So check out this book and have the adventure of your life.