So you want to be a Secret Agent…?

Danger! Action! Top secret missions! Being a secret agent must be one of the best jobs ever!!!  There are a number of awesome spy / secret agent books to read so you can  learn all the spy skills you will need to be successful in your missions. Here are just a few I found !!!!

The Max Remey Super Spy: The Amazon Experiment by Deborah Abela.

This is the fifth book in this super cool Max Remy Super Spy series.  Someone has stolen the secret Spyforce manual and mow agents are falling ill with a deadly sleeping sickness. The cause maybe a South American bug, but then how did this get to the agents? Max and Linden begin an insect-ridden, plane crashing, tarantula – crawling mission through the Amazon Jungle to rescue their friend Frond, find the bug, retrieve the manual and wake Spyforce’s agents from their fatal slumber.




Andy Roid and the Super Human Secret by Felice Arena.

This is book one in this new cool secret agent series. Andy’s just a regular kid with a normal, everyday life. Or is he? Why is a sinister scientist out to kidnap him? And who are his parents really? He’s about to find out, but this superhuman secret will change everything!






Zac Power Spy Camp : Zac Blasts Off  by H.I.Larry

To learn how to be the most awesomeness spy ever, you must read the Zac Power Spy Camp Series!!! This is book one of the series. Everything you need to know about being a secret agent is here! Even super boy spies have to learn their awesome spying skills somewhere! First readers can now follow Zac Power as he trains for his missions! Join Zac Power at Spy Camp.. and as Zac has a uncanny way of getting into trouble, he’s sure to encounter some mini missions along the way!




Sensational Spylet by Jill Marshall.

Join Jane Blonde sensational spylet on her first ever mission! Swapping her too-big school uniform for a silver spysuit, and her battered satchel for a set of amazing gadgets, Janey soon discovers that nothing in her life, or in her past, is as it seems. Her mysterious Uncle Solomon happens to be the head of SPI (Solomon’s Politicational Investigations) and the greatest spy the world has ever known. Recruited by the government to work on top-secret Project Crystal Clear, Solomon has made a scientific discovery that could change the world. But now he’s gone missing. Can Jane Blonde get to him first? Or will The Sinerlesse, a rogue spying group with evil purposes (and a very nasty dog), hunt him down and take his secret?


Battle Boy : BloodAxe by Charlie Carter

Battle boy has another mission in this fourth book of the series!

Agent’s profile:
Code name – Battle Boy 005 (BB005);
Real name: Napoleon Augustus Smythe; Age: 11 years old;
Assignment: Operation Battle Book;
Controller: Professor Juanita Perdu;
Duty: To operate as a Human Data-Collecting Device (HD-CD);
Survival gear: SimulSkin (high-tech, skin-coloured body armour), Battle Watch and assorted gadgets;
Mission directive: To spy on the past;
Mission 4: Bloodaxe. Dark Age England, 954.

Bloodaxe was the Viking King of York, a fierce and uncompromising leader.

Mission objective: collect Bloodaxe’s DNA and record his famous last battle.

BB005 jettisons into the Viking camp and, with the help of Viking FightRite 101, defends himself against Bloodaxe’s son Haeric.




Kids’ Club Review by tess: Ruby Redfort : look into my eyes

Ruby Redfort : look into my eyesRuby Redfort : look into my eyes, by Child, Lauren.

This book is cool and is about about a child called Ruby Redfort. She is recited to a secret spy agency called Spectrum. She is hired in the code-cracking division. LB is head of Spectrum 8 and her best code-cracker died in a run down with a bad guy.

Ruby is the smartest kid on the block and as it says in the front cover, she is every smart kid’s smart kid.

See what happens by reading the book.

300/100 *’s.

5 stars

Reviewed by tess from Newtown, 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Cameron: Poison Island

Poison Island: 24 hours to save the world and walk the dog, by H I Larry

This is a spy book

(Spoiler Alert! This review reveals the ending of the story. Read on if you want to know what happens…)

Zac and his brother were cruising on a jumbo jet 30,000 feet above the ocean. Zac opened the door and jumped. Then they landed on a island. Zac and his brother searches for Dr Drastic (Dr Drastic is evil). Zac’s brother gets lost (Dr Drastic had taken him.) Zac finds a cave and enters it, at the end he finds a stream. He dives down and he finds Dr Drastic in there. Dr Drastic then goes to a volcano with a medicine in a bottle. That medicine would cure anyone or anything. Zac gets it off Dr Drastic and he sees his brother in a helicopter. He lets down a rope, Zac grabs it, his brother lifted him up and took them back home.

I would recommend this book to kids who likes spies or agents.

4 stars

Reviewed by Cameron from Johnsonville, 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by tess: Pyramid puzzle

Pyramid puzzlePyramid puzzle, by McFarlane, Susannah.

This is number 10 of th EJ12 books. It’s about a kid called Emma Jacks and she works for a secret agency called SHINE. She has 3 best friends called: Elle, Isi and Hannah. Her enemy is call Nema. SHINE’s enemy is called SHADOW. SHADOW has recovered a long-lost pyramid. They want to steal all the gold and jewels. But the pyramid had been made by a queen who lived long ago. She and her servants put traps to keep people away.

I finished the book in about 1 hour or so.

I would say it’s good for people who like mysteries.

Please comment if you have/have not read the book or any others of the books in this series.

(Rating:1000000000000000000000000000000,000000000000000000  etc…) (PS, Lets just say infinity.) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

5 stars

Reviewed by tess from Newtown, 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Xandi: The power of three

The power of threeThe power of three, by Dennis, H. L.

It is an exciting book. It is about spies and code breaking. In the book three children are given the chance to break an ancient code known as MS400. (It has driven a lot of code breakers mad). It is a banned code and the government will try to stop them, what ever the cost. I recommend this book for 9 years and up. This is the first book in a series of 6.

5 stars

Reviewed by Xandi, 9 years old

Kids’ Reviews by Lily

The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

If you have a great taste for action and adventure, then read this awesome book. It is about a young boy named James Adams, who is chosen for a top secret organisation called CHERUB, where children go on undercover missions and help save Britain. And there’s one key thing: no one suspects that children are spying on them. 5 stars.
Maximum Security by Robert Muchamore
 This book is great because the author’s writing style ensures full graphic images that you can visualise when you read it.
Reviews by Lily of Ngaio


Kids’ Review by Nina

CHERUB Series: The Killing by Robert Muchamore

James Adams has been recruited on a mission with Dave. James has to make friends with Max Tarasov, the son of small-time crook, Leon Tarasov. As soon as James starts to dig up some leads he realises he needs information from an 18 year old boy. The only problem is the boy fell off a roof and died 13 months earlier. Follow James’ mission as he trys to reveal the mystery behind the robbery… 4 stars.
Review by Nina of Wadestown



Kids’ Review by Nina

CHERUB Series: Maximum Security by Robert Muchamore

James is ready to start a new recruitment mission. John Jones, an MI5 agent, pulls him out and asks him to go on a mission that is 10 times harder! James has to break out of Arizona Maximum Security prison with Curtis Oxford, who earned his prison sentence by murdering three innocent people. John wants James to earn Curtis’ trust, and break him out, so they can get information as to where Jane Oxford (Curtis’ mom) is hiding. Jane Oxford has been on the run for 23 years and the FBI are dying to finally put her behind bars! Can James break out and clear his name? Can he keep Lauren safe?
Review by Nina of Wadestown