Kids’ Club Review by Robin: The fall

The fallThe fall, by Robert Muchamore

This is an outstanding book that the talented author Robert Muchamore has written. This book is about a boy called James Adams who is on a mission with two MI5 agents, but the two MI5 agents are bribed to take a whole lot of cash and withdraw form the mission but they get killed and people are out hunting for James to try to kill him. He must try to get out of Russia alive and escape to Britian.

5 stars

Reviewed by Robin from Kilbirnie, 11 years old

Top 10 Fiction for February

Favorite children’s summer reads.  Have you read them all?  Grab one and find out if it’s your new favorite!

1. Diary of a wimpy kid series by Jeff Kinney

2. Dirty Bertie series by Alan MacDonald

3. Where’s Wally? series by  Martin Handford

4. Ruby Redfort series by  Lauren Child

5. Conspiracy 365 series by Gabrielle Lord

6. Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone  by  J. K. Rowling

7. Captain Underpants and the big, bad battle of the Bionic Booger Boy by Dav Pilkey

8. Percy Jackson and the Titan’s curse  by  Rick Riordan

9. The son of Neptune by  Rick Riordan

10. Attack of the bandit cats by Geronimo Stilton


Kids’ Club Review by Danielle: The very naughty mother is a spy

The very naughty mother is a spy, by Gretel Killeen

This book is very very funny and full of adventures. The naughty mother and her two children Zed and Pink save the world from birdies and baddies. The funniest part to me was when the very naughty mother got eaten by a snake and a bird ate the snake. And then the bird got fat! I can’t wait to read more of the series!

5 stars

Reviewed by Danielle from Tawa, 7 years old

Top 10 fiction for January

Here are the most popular fiction books for this month. Grab one TODAY!

1. Diary of a wimpy kid series by Jeff Kinney (Check out the new book – ‘Hard Luck’)

2. Dirty Bertie series by Alan MacDonald

3. Where’s Wally? by Martin Handford

4. Conspiracy 365 series by Gabrielle Lord

5. Four mice deep in the jungle by Geronimo Stilton

6. Hide and seek things that go by Dawn Sirett

7. Hang on to your whiskers! by Geronimo Stilton

8. Ruby Redfort series by Lauren Child

9. Judy Moody & Stink series by Megan McDonald

10. Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone by J. K. Rowling


Kids’ Club Review by jack: Stormbreaker : the graphic novel

Stormbreaker : the graphic novelStormbreaker : the graphic novel, by Anthony Horowitz (1955-)

The book begins with Alex Rider learning of the death of his uncle and adopted parent, Ian Rider. He is told that Ian died from being in a car accident where he was not wearing a seatbelt which Alex and his housekeeper find strange. Alex attends the funeral of his deceased where he meets Alan Blunt, who he describes as a boring, emotionless, gray person. Then Alex wags school, and decides to investigate. He discovers his uncle’s car at a wrecking yard, which was not destroyed, but had bullet holes on the windshield. After a near escape from a car crusher, Alex is asked to visit Ian’s former employers, a bank called “Royal & General” that was actually a front for an MI6 spying operation. MI6 head Alan Blunt and his deputy Tulip Jones, informed him that a successful Lebanese built a revolutionary new computer, the Stormbreaker and will give one free to every secondary school in the United Kingdom, accompanied by a grand activation ceremony in the Science Museum (London). MI6, however, were suspicious and had deployed Ian Rider, Alex’s uncle, to investigate. When Ian had become alarmed by the activities he witnessed, he tried to report to MI6. He was assassinated by Yassen Gregorovich on the return to London.

4 stars

Reviewed by jack from Karori, 11 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Max: Jaws of death

Jaws of deathJaws of death, by Paul Adam (1958-)

the whole book is really interesting, like for example at the start how the act goes wrong and the whole house was bugged by special devices. It was a really really nice book.:)::):):):):):)

5 stars

Reviewed by Max from Cummings Park, 5 years old