Want to be a spy?

Have you been hearing in the news about the Russian spies found in the United States? If you are interested in spies and intelligence check out this new book from The  International Spy Museum in Washington DC. The Real Spy’s Guide to becoming a Spy by Peter Earnest who is ex CIA. It  is packed with information covering  the history of spying , what spies do (it’s not very James Bond really), quizzes to see if you would make a good spy, spy gadgets, what training you can expect and even spy skills you can start working on now.






If spies are your thing, and really, why wouldn’t they be? Come along to our free quiz night for 9-12 year olds.  It’s on August 20th at 6.30pm at the Wellington Central Library. Registrations open tomorrow through this blog.

July Kids’ Choice

Wow!  Good news for all you series fans; each one of this month’s Kids’ Choice is part of a series, so each one of these books could lead you on to loads of great reading.


Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters Rick Riordan

Book number two in this fabulous series which a 13 year old demigod ….  I could tell you the story, or you could should just read it!


I spy treasure hunt Jean Marzollo & Wick Walter

This I Spy book has a linear story that you follow through the book. That sounds boring, it isn’t, it’s really very cool. Spend some time hunting through it yourself.


Lessons for a werewolf warrior Jackie French

This is the first book in a new series, School for Heroes. Tag along with Boojum Bark and discover how to open a wormhole,  how to defeat bogeys armed with only a zombie sausage, and why heroes need to wear pants.

Just Shocking Andy Griffiths/ Terry Denton

More outrageous fun with Andy.  This is the sixth and last book in the phenomenal Just series, of short stories with cool illustrations. This book is worth reading for the list of 101 dangerous things alone.

Spylet on Ice Jill Marshall

Book #5 in the popular Jane Blonde series. Copernicus is up to no good can Jane save the world again? Another rollicking adventure from this kicking spylet with plenty of snowy goodness.

“Chuck Dugan is AWOL” by Eric Chase Anderson

“Chuck Dugan is AWOL: a novel with maps” by Eric Chase Anderson


Do you like video games?

Would you sometimes rather play video games than read a book?


Oh well, I like books so I am going to wah on to you about them.


BUT, pull your eyes away from your games for just a minute because… this book is a lot like a video game. Not a very flash one mind, maybe one from the 90’s, but it’s fast paced, it’s adventurous and it’s addictive. You’ll want to keep reading and reading until you get to the next level – I mean, um, chapter.


Player One: Chuck Dugan is AWOL. AWOL means Absent With Out Leave. Chuck is AWOL because he powers up and escapes in the night from his fancy pants navy school. Wagging school is a bit of a cheat but he has very good reasons. Lots of books are about evil stepmothers – well, Chuck is about to upload an evil stepfather called The Admiral, who is a rogue and a scoundrel and a meany. Chuck has to insert all his coins to stop his mother marrying, and find his real father’s secret treasure before The Admiral and his sons/goons can get their greedy mitts on it (and clock the game). Chuck encounters knifes, pistols, drowning, beatings, fireworks (yes, fireworks in the eye! Yow!) And all the other nasty tricks in the brothers’ inventory.


Chuck is always an optimist though, even when he is down to one life and hardly any strength bar. He is a brave boy with big ears who has seen “snakebite, fear, and a man shot in the knee”. Chuck is always willing to beat his own high score.


Are you a junior inventor? A master of disguise? A red head? Chuck is, and these mad skills – maybe not the red hair – help him to defeat the baddies. This multileveled adventure includes boats, flying bicycles (the popcycle), pirates, boats, spy gadgets, deep sea diving, butlers, secret passages and more boats.


Oh and I almost forgot to tell you: BONUS POINTS! This book has MAPS. Eric Chase Anderson is a brilliant illustrator and he has decorated his book with cool maps of all sorts of things. (If you have drawn a map please show me, I love maps but alas I am hopeless with a ruler).


Trivia: Eric Chase Anderson is Wes Anderson’s brother. Wes Anderson made the film “Fantastic Mr Fox”, based on the Roald Dahl book. Have you seen it? It is rad. Eric Chase Anderson is the voice of Kristofferson Silverfox in the film.


I really liked “Chuck Dugan is AWOL” and I hope you will put down your controller and pick this book up soon.


 “Chuck Dugan is AWOL: a novel with maps” by Eric Chase Anderson



History Spies

Join top History Spy Charlie Cartwright in his adventures as he travels through space and time, dodging bombs, dinosaurs and erupting volcanoes. Check out the Escape from Vesuvius mission. Vesuvius is about to erupt and the Department of Historical Accuracy needs a History Spy with nerves of steel. Is that you?