Some great new Fiction books worth checking out!

Paws and Whiskers by Jacqueline Wilson

Animal tales from Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Morpugo, Enid Blyton and more! (book cover)

Contains many (many!) short and funny stories about our favourite pets – cats and dogs! Snuggle up and read them all at once, or just a few at a time.




Hippomobile! by Jeff Tapia

Ten-year-old twins Jimmy and Stella start a campaign to save their dying small town (population 49) by restoring the amazing hippomobile, an old-fashioned vehicle made out of a horse wagon.





 Fizzlebert Stump #3: The boy who cried fish by A.F Harrold”Fizzlebert

Stump lives in a circus. His mum’s a clown, his best friend is a bearded boy, and he sticks his head in a lion’s mouth every night. Other than that, he’s pretty normal. When Fish the sea lion goes missing Fizzlebert tracks down the runaway beast to the Aquarium, with its piratical owner Admiral Spratt-Haddock, invisible octopus, and colour-coded fish. But the Aquarium has problems of its own. Fish (not Fish the sea lion, “fish.” Keep up.) are going missing, and the Admiral blames the circus. Can Fizzlebert solve the mystery, avoid an over-enthusiastic crocodile, and find his friend? (from ––


Bird by Crystal Chan

A girl, who was born on the day her brother Bird died, has grown up in a house of silence and secrets; when she meets John, a mysterious new boy in her rural Iowan town, and those secrets start to come out. (From





Racing the Moon by Michelle Morgan

Joe Riley is growing up in a tough neighbourhood of Sydney, Australia during the Great Depression.