Family Lockdown Challenge: Bubble Scavenger Hunts!

Are you looking for something to fill in a spare hour at home? Or maybe you need an activity to do on your daily walk around your neighbourhood. Have you considered a scavenger hunt?

An example of a scavenger hunt you could make at home!

A scavenger hunt is so much easier than a treasure hunt, because you don’t have to make any clues or hide any treasure! You just create a list of things to find, then get searching.

When you’re creating your list you can be as vague or specific as you like, from a red leaf or yellow flower, to something that makes a noise or something you use at school. You can give your scavenger hunts different themes too, from things inside the house (if it’s a rainy day!), to things out in your garden, or even things connected by a theme such as technology, pets, or colour. If your theme is colour, you can use the same list for every colour of the rainbow!

If you’re doing your scavenger hunt within your bubble at home, then of course you’re free to gather together all the objects you find. If you’ve created a scavenger hunt to complete while you’re out on a walk, picking things up and carrying them around isn’t the best idea at the moment. We suggest you just tick off or write down what you see, or you can turn it into a photo challenge and take pictures of all the things you find. Or you can join in the nation-wide Bear Hunt, and count how many Teddy Bears you can see in your neighbours’ windows.

Another idea is a literary scavenger hunt! Challenge yourself to read books on different subjects, by different authors, and about different characters. Can you read a book with a bear in it? How about a turtle, or one by a New Zealand author?

If you want some inspiration, check out the scavenger hunts that we’ve created to inspire you:

So get to it! Challenge yourself, or send one off and challenge your friends. We’d love to see what you come up with, so show us what you’ve been up to on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

The Great Scavenger Hunt.

Looking for a huge weekend free family event?

Then come along to Capital E’s Great Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, 25th January from 10am to 4pm on Wellington’s waterfront. You will be in for a fun-filled adventure with clues to solve, challenges to complete,  a host of fascinating characters along the way and heaps of cool prizes to be won. There are completion certificates for every scavenger and automatic entry in the draw to win some exciting prizes. As an added bonus, you can also score spot prizes, (goodies from Costume Cave & the New Zealand Festival!), if you dress up on the day. There is a chance to win the best fancy dress  and the best nautical costume.

You can expect a day of face painting and bonus clue activities, pop-up surprises, new destinations to explore and the return of the lunchtime stage Extravaganza. The family can enjoy lunch-time discounts at restaurants and cafes along the route will provide the perfect pit-stops.

For more information, visit Capital E’s website and Facebook Page.