7 New Non-Fiction for the school holidays

Hey kids! Check out the latest new children’s non-fiction in the library collection for the first week of the school holidays. Featured in this blog post are books about amazing and inspiring women; music legends, minecraft and lego.


image courtesy of sydnetics

Amazing women: 101 lives to inspire you.

Discover the stories of 101 extraordinary women of our time. Featuring an international selection of female figures, this carefully curated collection highlights those who have achieved significantly in their fields, ranging from science and politics to sport and the arts. Empowering and inspiring accounts of female pioneers include the likes of JK Rowling, Rosalind Franklin, Beyonce Knowles, Marie Curie, Malala Yousafzai, Angela Merkel and Serena Williams. A beautiful package that rejoices in the remarkable and crucial contributions women have made to our society.


image courtesy of sydneticsWomen’s suffrage.

“When people think about the women’s suffrage movement, things like voting rights and protests may come to mind. But what was the movement all about, and what social change did it bring? This engaging nonfiction book, complete with black-and-white interior illustrations, will make readers feel like they’ve traveled back in time. It covers everything from the history of women’s rights in the U.S. to women’s suffrage movements across the world, and more. Find out interesting, little-known facts such as how the suffragists were the first people to ever picket the White House and how the nineteenth amendment granting women the right to vote passed by only one vote when a legislator changed his vote to “yes” after receiving a letter from his mother telling him to “do the right thing.” The unique details, along with the clever interior illustrations, make this series stand out from the competition”– Provided by publisher.


image courtesy of syndetics Star Wars: Maker Lab.

Offers young Star Wars fans projects and experiments inspired by the Star Wars universe, including instructions on making Jabba slime, Kyber crystals, and an Ewok catapult.




image courtesy of syndeticsMusic Legends: 40 inspiring icons.

Learn how 40 famous artists and bands became the greatest and memorial legends of their generation, going on to inspire and create new generations and musical sounds. The title doesn’t mince words when it comes to “inspiring.” Hands down, the best guide to the greatest musical acts of all time.



image courtesy of sydndeticsMinecraft: Guide to PVP Minigames.

When it comes to making minigames for Minecraft, the only limit is your imagination. The official Minecraft Guide to PVP Minigames is full of inspiring minigames for you to rebuild in your own world. Whether you prefer non-PVP combat games like arrow golf and elytra ace or games that let you battle other players like spleef and sky wars, there’s something for everyone.



image courtesy of syndeticsMinecraft master builder world tour.

Thanks to this truly interactive, step-by-step guide, aspiring master builders can make amazing structures that push the limits of the imagination. From theaters to bridges, every masterpiece here is based on a real construction. Travel to five continents to erect an African palace, an Asian pagoda, a European clock tower, an Australian beach hut, an American diner-and, for a world-class difficult project, an entire mountain village. You’ll get plenty of tricks and tips from expert Minecrafters to help you improve your skills, along with enough fun facts and trivia to delight any Minecraft fan!


image courtesy of syndeticsThe LEGO neighborhood book : build your own town!

Check it out, lego fans! A new, fantastic guide full of ideas using lego blocks, not just to create buildings, but also unleash your interior designer skills to create furniture, light fixtures, and so much more!

5 New Non Fiction for term 2

Hi Kids!

Here’s some more new non fiction just been added to the Children’s collection. Books that will keep you entertained for the start of term 2.


image courtesy of syndetics101 Dog Tricks.

Packed with step-by-step photos and training tips and techniques, 101 Dog Tricks, Kids Edition will teach you everything you need to know to involve your children in training the family dog.




image courtesy of syndeticsPoetry for kids: William Shakespeare.

A collection of thirty-one of playwright and poet William Shakespeare’s most famous verses, sonnets and speeches.




image courtesy of syndetics
Star Wars: Encyclopedia Of Starfighters and Other Vehicles.

Learn about over 200 of your favourite Star Wars vehicles, from the A-wing to the Y-wing. Want to know how the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in such a short distance? Don’t know your X-wing from your Y-wing? Not sure what type of craft Slave I is? Look no further than the Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles. Age 7+.



image courtesy of sydentics
If you lived here : houses of the world.

Features detailed, bas-relief collage spreads of dwellings in other world regions and historical times to explain how different people live and have lived, from a village house in South Africa to a floating green house in the Netherlands.



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When Paul met Artie : the story of Simon & Garfunkel.

Long before they became one of the most beloved and successful duos of all time, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were just two kids growing up in Queens, New York — best friends who met in a sixth-grade production of Alice in Wonderland and bonded over girls, baseball, and rock’n’roll.



New Non Fiction: Technological Trends, Old School Music and World Records.

Phew! Another term has ended and we are now entering the second week of the school holidays.  Luckily for you, Wellington City Libraries has stocked up on some new non fiction books to keep the boredom busters at bay. This month’s blog post introduces you to instruction manuals on how to use (and buy) technology wisely, a biography on The Beatles, a good old school rock band long before One Direction and the latest editions of Guinness World Records and Ripley’s Believe it or Not Special edition. Impeccable timing considering it is less than twelve weeks until 2013 draws to a close.


Cell Phone Safety.

Using technology like cellphones can be a blast. However it can also open doors to unsafe situations, like cyber bullying. Have no fear, Cell Phone Safety is here to help. This book will enable you to learn all the tech-savvy ways on how to keep your cellphone a safe zone, what you need to watch out for and how to protect yourself, without taking away all the fun. This book also has a great section on what to do when you fall victim to cyber bullying.





The True Cost of Technology: How to shop to change the world.

Have you ever wondered how your purchase of a cellphone, computer or iPad might effect people around the world, especially if you find out the keypad of your shiny new computer was made by child workers in China? This book will make you think twice about the technology you buy. You will read and find out how the things we buy and use every day are produced, often at a cost to workers’ health or the environment, and discover how you can shop to change things for the better.

You also might be interested in reading The True Cost of Fashion, The True Cost of Food and The True Cost of Toys.



The Beatles were fab (and they were funny).

Move over One Direction and Justin Bieber, it’s time for a biography on a good old school rock band that is enjoyed by all generations. This biography is an  introduction to the rock band The Beatles and their rise to fame.  This book presents a lively, whimsically illustrated tribute to the Fab Four’s offbeat humor that traces the rise of Beatlemania and the influence of their humor on their musical achievements. This book complemented with the best singles of the Beatles and is an excellent way to teach children about good music.





Ripley’s Believe It or Not Special Edition 2014.

As 2013 is drawing to a close, Ripley’s Believe It or Not has another special edition for 2014! This edition presents a collection of strange facts and coincidences about animals and human beings in the worlds of science, art, and entertainment. Would you believe there is a cat with two faces?, A swimmer who can do the backstroke and juggle three tennis balls at the same time?, and shoes with more than 1,000 teeth on the soles? Check out the book if you don’t believe it.


Also check out Ripley’s Believe It or Not Special Edition 2013.



Guinness World Records 2014.

Want to read a book about  where you encounter the largest living cat in the world that eats meat the same weight as a two year old child, go for a ride on the world’s largest pogo stick and meet the largest walking robot? Then the wait is over. If you enjoyed Guinness World Records 2013, then you will absolutely love Guinness World Records 2014. This book contains more than 1,000 photos and fully updated information on amazing facts and world records. Read all about the world’s largest rideable bicycle,  deadliest spiders, snakes and scorpions, find out whether Batman, Spider-Man or Iron Man is the highest-grossing superhero ever and celebrate over 20 years of “The Simpsons”, the longest-running animated sitcom.  Overall this book is awesome and then some! You can also download the FREE Augmented Reality app to see records come to life in amazing 3D.


Animal Record Breakers.

Want to read about the freakiest, biggest, smallest, fastest, slowest and deadliest animals know to man? Then check out Animal Record Breakers. From man-eating sharks to snakes that grow longer than buses, read all about these extreme creatures that roam the land, swim in the sea, and fly in the sky, and fascinating facts about each one accompany cool CGI art that really brings each animal to life, such as poisonous fish and frogs, monkeys that break into song (duets) in order to find each other and the world’s largest butterfly.