July Kids’ Choice

Wow!  Good news for all you series fans; each one of this month’s Kids’ Choice is part of a series, so each one of these books could lead you on to loads of great reading.


Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters Rick Riordan

Book number two in this fabulous series which a 13 year old demigod ….  I could tell you the story, or you could should just read it!


I spy treasure hunt Jean Marzollo & Wick Walter

This I Spy book has a linear story that you follow through the book. That sounds boring, it isn’t, it’s really very cool. Spend some time hunting through it yourself.


Lessons for a werewolf warrior Jackie French

This is the first book in a new series, School for Heroes. Tag along with Boojum Bark and discover how to open a wormhole,  how to defeat bogeys armed with only a zombie sausage, and why heroes need to wear pants.

Just Shocking Andy Griffiths/ Terry Denton

More outrageous fun with Andy.  This is the sixth and last book in the phenomenal Just series, of short stories with cool illustrations. This book is worth reading for the list of 101 dangerous things alone.

Spylet on Ice Jill Marshall

Book #5 in the popular Jane Blonde series. Copernicus is up to no good can Jane save the world again? Another rollicking adventure from this kicking spylet with plenty of snowy goodness.

This Morning I met a Whale

Childrens Bookshop coverMichael sees something strange in the water near his house one morning and goes to investigate. A whale! So far up the river?

Amazingly he can hear the whale speak to him and when he has listened to the whale’s story Michael says he will help. At school his story is read out to the whole class but no one believes him until the head teacher comes in to tell them a whale has been seen far up the river and everyone goes to see but Michael is the only one brave enough to get close and help.

A story with a conservation message for us all. Find this book in our catalogue.