Kids’ Club Review by Julius: 300 minutes of danger

300 minutes of danger300 minutes of danger, Jack Heath

Even though this book is fiction, it still had events that can happen in real life. probably my most favorite story in the book is boarding school. Boarding school is about a kid named George who was on a plane in the mountains with a Finnish man who was pale as a vampire. soon or later, something hit the engine and the Finnish pilot thought it was a bird or something else. Oxygen masks fell down but Georges seat there was none. the pilot tried to steer the plane to the nearest landing strip but the rudder had broke so if they tried to steer again, they would crash into the mountains. the pilot was figuring out what to do but then he said we have to evacuate which meant we had to jump of from the plane so he got the parachutes ready. George felt really dizzy. the pilot pushed the door and it fell out really fast. Georges ears were popping. He said I don’t know how to use a parachute. The pilot said easy just pull the ripcord after ten seconds. George hesitated maybe there’s another way but there wasn’t. George hurled himself and jumped trying to keep his balance fighting the air. George slammed into the snow woohoo! He shouted. This book was nice recommended for 7+

4 stars

Reviewed by Julius from Tawa and , 11 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Holly: The wizard’s umbrella : story collection

The wizard's umbrella : story collectionThe wizard’s umbrella : story collection, by Enid Blyton

I LOVE this story collection thing. These stories are a mix of fantasy and real life, which make them even more exciting. The stories in this book are mostly short ones, only a few pages long. There are the other types of the story collections as well: There can be all the stories of a series in the same book, or there can be different, short stories in the same book, like this one. I reckon you should give these a go, because I think you’ll like them like I did.


5 stars

Reviewed by Holly from Khandallah and , 10 years old

Kids’ Review by Jemima

Ways To Live Forever is an emotional, yet effective and powerful novel, by the one and only Sally Nicholls. Sam – the main character – is twelve years old and is struggling with leukemia. He wants to conquer everything before he dies, and with the help of his teacher and best friend Felix, he does everything from riding in an airship to kissing a girl. This book will make you laugh your head off one minute, and sob into your pillow the next! It is a whole emotional rollercoaster; a good one, of course. I would recommend it to children aged 10 – 14. 5 stars.

Review by Jemima of Karori