Finalists for the NZ Children’s Book Awards announced

Early this morning the finialst titles were announced for the 2016 Children’s Book Awards. These awards seek to find the best books written fro children in New Zealand in the last year. There are 6 categories – Young Adult, Illustration, Picture Book, Junior Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Te Reo Māori. There are also children’s choice awards for each of the 6 categories – finalists that are voted for by children rather than the book award judges.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony on Monday 8th August. You can find out more about the awards at the Booksellers website.

Have you grabbed your pizza wheel yet? Hell Pizza are one of the big sponsors of the awards. Until stocks last, you can grab a pizza wheel from the library. Get each section clicked for each book you read, and once you have completed a wheel (7 clicks) you can exchange the wheel for a pizza. Yum!

Here are the 2016 finalists:

Junior Fiction:

Enemy Camp by David Hill

From the cutting room of Barney Kettle by Kate De Goldi

Lily Max – Satin, Scissors, Frock by Jane Bloomfield

The bold ship Phenomenal by Sarah Johnson

The girl who rode the wind by Stacey Gregg



ANZAC Heroes by Maria Gill

Changing Times: The story of a New Zealand town and its newspaper by Bob Kerr

See what I can see: New Zealand photography for the young and curious by Gregory O’Brien

The beginner’s guide to adventure sport in New Zealand by Steve Gurney

Whose beak is this? By Gillian Candler


Picture Book:

Allis the little tractor by Sophie Siers

Finding Monkey Moon by Elizabeth Pulford

Haka by Patricia Grace

The house on the hill by Kyle Mewburn

Little Kiwi’s Matariki by Nikki Slade Robinson



Changing Times: The story of a New Zealand town and its newspaper Illustrated by Bob Kerr

Finding Monkey Moon Illustrated by Kate Wilkinson

Hush: a Kiwi lullaby Illustrated by Andrew Burdan

Much ado about Shakespeare Illustrated by Donovan Bixley

The house on the hill Illustrated by Sarah Davis



Te Reo Māori:

Tamanui te Kōkako Mōrehu o Taranaki by Rebecca Beyer and Linley Wellington

Te Hua Tuatahi a Kuwi by Kat Merewether

Whiti te Rā! by Patricia Grace


Hell Pizza Reading Challenge

Love pizza? Love reading? Then we have the deal for you!

To celebrate the 2016 NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, Hell Pizza will give you one free pizza for every 7 books you borrow and read from the library.

Sounds too good to be true? Trust us; we wouldn’t lie to you, especially about pizza.

Here’s the deal…

Pop into your local library and grab a pizza wheel from the friendly librarian. They look like this:

Image pizza wheel


Whenever you issue a book from the library, ask the librarian to click and sign your pizza wheel.

Once you have all 7 wedges on your pizza wheel clicked and signed off, you can take it into any Hell Pizza shop and exchange it for a FREE 333 pizza from their Hellthy menu. Wow!

There’s no limit to how many pizza wheels you can complete, so make sure you ask for another from the librarian. We will keep handing them out until we run out.

Good news! You can use your pizza wheel in both your public and school library. So anything you read from your school library can be clicked off your wheel too.


The finalists for the book awards will be released in early June, and the winners announced in August. So keep your ears to the ground for more news.

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Read books, get pizza.

Poster image

We already know that you love to read. We also already know that you love pizza. So we love this idea that combines both reading and pizza, and we think you’ll LOVE it too.

Every year LIANZA picks and awards the best books for children and young adults that has been published in New Zealand (or by a New Zealander) in the last year.

One of the key supporters of the book awards is Hell Pizza…


(In case you’re curious, here’s how it happens: First the judges (a group of librarians from across NZ) receive a copy of almost every book that has been published, and they read them all. Then they pick the best 5 books in the following groups: illustration, junior fiction, young adult fiction, non-fiction, te reo Māori. They release the list of these finalist books and, finally, they pick a winner for each of the groups.)

Recently LIANZA released the list of finalist books. There are some amazing titles on there and we recommend all of them. We’re not sure how they will possibly pick the winners, but they plan to announce them on June 15th.


As part of the book awards the judges want to reward you for reading.

Visit your local Wellington City Library and grab yourself a Hell Pizza Wheel from the counter. Your pizza wheel will get clicked every time you check out and read a library book (one click per book). Once all 7 segments on the pizza wheel have been clicked, you can take it to your local Hell Pizza shop and exchange it for a 333 pizza from their HELLthy menu range. Once you have completed a wheel you can start on another, and another… until we run out of pizza wheels.

Yes, you read that correctly – read 7 books and get a delicious pizza. So what are you waiting for?


Funny New Fiction

Have a laugh or two while enjoying these new funny fiction books!

Alien Schoolboy’s Z-A Guide to Earthlings by Jeremy Strong

Flowkwee while helping his dad study Earthlings by disguising himself as a schoolboy, puts together a guide to help other bamboozled aliens get to grippers with this primitive planet and its hideous inhabitants.



Fluff the Farting Fish by Michael Rosen

‘One day Mum went out to get Elvie a puppy.  What?!!! Really???? A Puppy??? Well, actually, er…no….. a fish.  But Elvie, desperate to fulfill her dream of having a performing pet, trains Fluff the fish.  Fluff can’t sit, she won’t bark on command, but she does have a very special fishy talent all of her own!’ (taken from book cover).



Sumo Granny Smackdown by Dave Hackett

Sumo Granny is a large old woman with revenge on her mind, and this is the toughest situation the SUCS team have faced so far. Not only does Sumo Granny like to wear funny undies while wrestling, it seems she is also out to destroy the City of Sucktropolis. It’s SUCS against SUKS (the Sucktropolis United Knitting Squad) in their efforts to bring down the large lady.



Pizza Cake and other funny stories by Morris Gleitzman

Ten funny stories to make you giggle:

Saving Ms Fosdyke — Pizza cake — Charles the Second — Secret diary of a dad — Can’t complain — Draclia — Tickled onions — Stationery is never stationary — Big mistake — Harriet’s story.



How to Build an Abominable Snowman by Dominic Barker

In this Guide to Trouble, Max and Molly will show you, cleaver reader:

1. How to get snowed in with only EMERGENCY BEANS for tea.

2. How to snowplough the street so Mum can buy PIZZA  instead.

3.  How to accidently also-at-the-same-time build a real life ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN! (from book cover)