Can blind people draw?

Have you ever wondered how blind people would draw something? Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, has made this video of himself drawing different objects based on how he thinks they look including a cat, a car, and himself.

It really makes you think about how you would draw yourself if you had never looked in a mirror, or been shown a photograph of yourself before.


If you’re curious, Tommy Edison has made other videos on his YouTube channel about how blind people experience different things – choosing clothes, identifying people, dreaming when asleep, cooking and more.

Odd stuff – England Crowned World Egg Throwing Champs

I’m not kidding. There is such a sport and it even has world champs, which the team from England have just won.

Teams from the Netherlands, Germany and Japan took part in the event which was held in Lincolnshire

The competition involves two teams throwing eggs at each other over different distances – one team throws and the other catches without dropping it or smashing it. The winning team is the one who catching the egg intact.

The English team won with a throw of 58metres!


Don’t believe me? Here’s a video to prove it.