Top 10 Children’s non-fiction October 2015

The magnetic allure of Minecraft has infected the Top 10 this month, it’s claimed half of the leader board! The gaming and computer and technology resources in the children’s areas are being matched with maker kits.  The Lego and mechano can take a while to build so treat yourself to some project time at the library.  Coming in at number 10, Ninjago fans are using their ninja skills to scale to popularity heights, where will they be next month?

1.   Minecraft by Stephanie Milton
2.   Minecraft  by Nick Farwell
3.   Minecraft hacks master builder by Megan Miller
4.   Minecraft by Matthew Needler
5.   The LEGO ideas book by Daniel Lipkowitz
6.   Minecraft blockopedia by Alex Wiltshire
7.   Star Wars character encyclopedia by Simon Beecroft
8.   Star Wars by David West Reynolds
9.   Frozen by Julie Ferris
10. Secret world of the Ninja by Beth Landis Hester

Top 10 DVDs for July

Here’s your favourites from our children’s DVD collection for the month of July. Happy watching!

1. Dino Dan

2. Strawberry Shortcake

3. The cat in the hat knows a lot about that

4. Ninjago, masters of Spinjitzu

5. Dinosaur train

6. The Garfield show

7. Thomas and Friends

8. Babar and the adventures of Badou

9. Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

10. The Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes


Fun New Fiction

The Mystery of Wickworth Manor by Elen Caldecott

When Curtis and Paige find themselves paired up on a school trip to Wickworth Manor, they immediately take a dislike to each other. But when Curtis discovers an 18th century portrait of a young black servant, dressed in livery, hidden away in an attic room, both are determined to solve the mystery of the painting, albeit in very different ways. Could he be the legendary Wickworth Boy, who is said to haunt the Manor? To find out the truth, Paige and Curtis must work together to unravel some long-buried secrets.


Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary

Ralph runs away looking for freedom but winds up a prisoner at a summer camp.





Nerdy Ninjas vs The Really REALLY Scary Guys by Shogun Whamhower

When a blood-curling scream rings out from the forest, the Nerdy Ninjas scramble into action… sort of.  With Pongo’s wonky pogo stick, Veejay’s endless singing, Jake’s fluorescent wheelchair, and Ben’s trumpet in tow, the Nerdy Ninjas could use some help hunting down the beastly intruders.  Luckily there’s a highly trained SNOT (Secret Ninja Operation Team) ninja lurking in the shadows…  – (from back cover).



The Smug Pug by Anna Wilson

Smug the Pug is a clever dog who has invented a brilliant machine to help things run smoothly in the busy salon.  Pippa Peppercorn thinks it’s a great idea, but the daschund has his suspicions about this so-called doggy genious… -(from back cover).




The Abominators and my Amazing Panty Wanty Woos! by J.L Smith

Mucker, Boogster, Cheesy and Bob are The Abominators.  But you can just call them the Masters of Mischief.  Their interests include chaos, mayhem and filling the school toilets with strawberry jelly.  Their interests definately DO NOT include making friends with panty-wanty-woo-wearing new boy, Cecil Trumpington-Potts.  Cecil, however, is certain to change their minds… -(from back cover).