New Fiction for early readers ONLY!

If you are between 6 and 8, these new books are going to be perfect for you!

(but hey… if you are older and you want to read your brother or sister’s books, read these ones, they are really cool! But shhhhhh, don’t tell anybody!)

Be careful what you sniff for, by Nancy Krulik

When Sparky takes a bite of a delicious-smelling bone he dug up in his backyard, he’s in for a big surprise. Chomp, chomp, kaboom! Sparky is magically transported to London. What’s a puppy to do? Eat, of course. Sniff, sniff, sniff- Sparky’s nose leads him to a sausage, cheese, and… the dogcatcher?!

His only hope for escape is to take another bite of his bone. His only problem:He’s nowhere near it! Will Sparky ever be able to make it home?



The playground problem, by Sally Rippin

Jack’s friend Billie is away, so he hangs out with Alex instead. They have heaps of fun together! But what will happen when Billie comes back?

If you like this book then start collecting the books from the series “Hey Jack!”!



Stink and the Freaky Frog Freakout, by Megan McDonald


Stink has been going to swimming lessons frog-ever and he still won’t put his face  in the water. But that’s before he meets King Otto the Third, radioactive mutant ninja frog. Now Stink’s feeling more than a little froggy…

Could he be turning into… the amazing frog-Boy?



Alice and the Airy Fairy, by Margaret Clark


Mary the Airy Fairy is coming to stay with Alice and her family. Is she a real fairy? Or is she just a free spirit who needs Alice’s help?

And if you have always wanted to be a Fairy, check out the instructions in the book to make your own magic wand!



So blast off on a great adventure with all these very cool books! They are designed especially for you if you want to start reading independently…