New Non Fiction: Sports, Inspirational Lives and objects… and bringing out your inner artist.


A great book to read that tells you everything you want to know about Netball, one of the greatest and most popular sports played in Australia and New Zealand. In reading this book, you will learn everything there is to know about Netball including the history of the sport, the rules, training, clothing and equipment. Great for anyone who is a fan, plays  netball and/or wanting to play.

For more information about Netball, you visit the website, Netball New Zealand.



The Story of Buildings.

Anyone who is doing a project on the history of buildings and architecture will love this book! This book explains how and why famous buildings in history came to be built. The book also goes into further detail about how did people start making buildings, how did they learn to make them bigger, stronger and more comfortable? And why they decorated them in so many different ways. Great for ages 10 years and over.




As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, pastels were the norm of bringing out children’s inner artist. Thirty/twenty years later using pastels still hasn’t gone out of fashion. So what are you waiting for? Now is the Time to bring out your own inner artist! Have a big art project coming up? Bored with water colors and acrylic paints, Why not give pastels a go? This book will provide you with step-by-step guides show how to create a variety of projects using pastels.



Dare the Wind.

Girls, this is one book you need to read on inspirational women. This book tells the true story of one of the first female navigators, Eleanor Prentiss and her ship, the Flying Cloud who, despite battling raging storms, broken masts, and dangerously slow winds managed to complete its maiden voyage  from New York to San Francisco in a period (and world breaking record) of eighty nine days. Also will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone who is interested in sailing and ships.



Florence Nightingale.

Children of all ages will enjoy this beautifully illustrated picture book written by celebrated author and artist Demi. This new picture book biography of Florence Nightingale beautifully portrays the story of Florence’s life and explores the long-lasting effects of her career, including her innovative and revolutionary ideas on medicine, emphasising the need of cleanliness in hospitals, nutritional values of hot food and organization of hospitals. Children will not only learn about Florence Nightingale’s inspirational life, but also the history of hospital and nursing practices that are still used today.



How the Beatles changed the world.

The Beatles are one of the most innovative and revolutionary bands that broke many world records and changed the face of music forever. Fifty years after the British invasion began, Martin Sandler explores The Beatles’ long-lasting impact on the world in this wonderful book. Overall I think you will be overly impressed and astonished by the amount of information held in this book about everything you thought you knew (and didn’t know) about The Beatles and their musical history. A great book for anyone who is a fan of The Beatles’ music and history.

You may also like The Beatles were fab (and they were funny).

FACT: “Hey Jude” was released in August 1968 as the first single from the Beatles’ record label Apple Records. More than seven minutes in length, it was at the time the longest single ever to top the British charts.


New non-fiction: History

Avoid being Sir Isaac Newtown!

Sir Isaac Newtown was one of the greatest scientists who ever lived. But he didn’t have it easy; he survived plague, civil war and poverty to become a Professor of Mathematics at 26!  He went on to live an amazing life and make many important discoveries that changed science forever.






Awesome Adventures at the Smithsonian

This is the official guide to the Smithsonian Institution, which is not just one but a collection of museums mostly located in Washington D.C.  There are exhibitions on everything, from human flight (The National Air and Space Museum) to the origins of human life (  National Museum of Natural History.) While this would be a great book to take on a trip to the U.S.A, it’s really interesting to read in its own right.





ANZAC Day The New Zealand story : what it is and why it matters

This is an important book about New Zealand’s role in World War I. Although it does talk about Gallipoli, it also mentions other places that New Zealanders fought, such as the Western front.  The Maori and Pacific Island soldiers who fought are also discussed. The book also looks at what happened after the war; what life for the soldiers who came back was like, how the dead were memorialised and the first ANZAC day services.





Dogs: a very peculiar history

This is a great little book will tell you all about the history of dogs,  from the wild dogs that our ancestors domesticated to the pampered pooches of today’s top celebrities. Not only will this book tell you the history of dogs, it also explains their doggy behaviors and quirks.  Also included are stories about heroic dogs, fictional dogs and movie star dogs! Basically this is a great book for you canine lovers. However, if you’re more of a cat person, there’s also Cats: A very peculiar history. 



The Book of Blood

A lot less gruesome than its name suggests, this book will tell you everything you need or want to know about blood. As well as looking at the science of blood, this book also takes a look at what people in the past thought about blood (and how it worked) and how that changed over time.  There’s also some really interesting sections on bloodsuckers, from the real ones, like mosquitoes to the fictional, like vampires.  It’s a well written book with great pictures and lots of interesting information.





The Arab-Israeli conflict

The Arab-Israeli conflict is one of the most contentious issues of our time and sometimes it’s hard to know what to think. This book lays out the history of the conflict and how it’s shaped international relationships.







Medicine through the Ages: Modern, Renaissance, Medieval and Industrial Age

These are some really fantastic books about how medicine changed and developed over time.  They’re extremely informative, and filled with great (if gory!) illustrations.  They’re a bit more serious than books like the Horrible Histories, but they’re still very interesting and worth a read.