Kids’ Club Review by Ann: Rumple Buttercup : a story of bananas, belonging, and being yourself

Rumple Buttercup : a story of bananas, belonging, and being yourselfRumple Buttercup : a story of bananas, belonging, and being yourself, written and illustrated by Matthew Gray Gubler

i thought this book was really great so that’s why i gave it 5 stars. my favourate part was when rumple thought he would not be seen if he put a banana peel on his head. other people would think he is trash. i would recommend this book to people who is often left alone.

5 stars

Reviewed by Ann from Karori and Northland School , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Rohit: The bomb

The bombThe bomb, by Sacha Cotter ; illustrated by Josh Morgan

The book is interesting and he thinks he is a bomb and he even wrote a song see my lines, check my movies, they’re so fine.
See me roar, see me fly,
see me swooping through the sky.

4 stars

Reviewed by Rohit from Newtown and Wellington College , 12 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Lily: The bomb

The bombThe bomb, by Sacha Cotter ; illustrated by Josh Morgan

I first heard this story when I was on a school trip and loved it so much that I had to read it again and share it with my family. I think it shows us the importance of being unique and finding ones own style as an individual. I love the illustrations and front cover and think its a cool and inspirational story. I would rate it an 11/10 as on the school trip we got to hear a song about it which was pretty cool!

5 stars

Reviewed by Lily from Kilbirnie and Hataitai School , 12 years old

Top 6 Picture Books to read this month!

Hey kids! Check out these six awesome picture books in your local library! Featured in this post are picture books about kindness, diversity and acceptance.


How to Two.

How to two, how to three, how to five, and so on, Learn how to count and work together as a team in this delightful picture book!

Good people everywhere.

A delightful story about good people and all the things they do. A great book to teach children about kindness, mindfulness and gratitude.

Hats are not for cats.

A delightful story about a dog who feels cats should not wear hats of any kind.

A simple and delightful story about a dog, who thinks he is a cat. A librarian’s choice all the way.

Stardust : we always share the same sky.

Stardust explores the story of a girl and her mother in prison. They are unable to see each on a regular basis, but manage to find a unique way to feel connected through the sky and stars, which creates a sense of safety and love that allows the girl to focus on positive memories she has of her mum.

Day you begin.

A delightful story of two children who despite feeling like outsides come together and realising they are not alone in the world.