Top 10 Childrens fiction March 2017

David Walliams is in the Top 10 again for adventures set in Lord Funt Hospital.  You can hear David Walliams read the start of the book on his website.

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  1. Diary of a wimpy kid series, by Jeff Kinney
  2. Tom Gates series, by Liz Pichon
  3. Storey treehouse series, by Andy Griffiths
  4. Dork diaries series, by Rachel Renée Russell
  5. Puzzle mountain, by Susannah Leigh
  6. Dirty Bertie series, by Alan MacDonald
  7. The Secret Seven, by Enid Blyton
  8. Where’s Wally? by Martin Handford
  9. The BFG, by Roald Dahl
  10. The midnight gang, by David Walliams

Kids’ Review by Jemima

The Longest Whale Song by Jacqueline Wilson

The Longest Whale Song: even the title interests you! This story is about a small girl called Ella. She is already pretty upset as her new step-dad has moved in, plus her mum is pregnant! But as Mum goes in to hospital, after she’s had little baby Samson, Ella is getting worried. It turns out her Mum is in a coma. Panic!

Ella is made to act a lot more grown up than she feels, and her step-dad, Samson, and the moody nurse aren’t being much help. The reason I gave this story three stars is because it seems to go on and on. I still really enjoyed this book though, and would definitely recommend it to children aged 8-11. 3 stars.

Review by Jemima of Karori