New Non Fiction: Skills that every kid should know.

Move over wikihow, Wellington City Libraries has a new range of junior non fiction that provides you information where you can learn skills on the following:

How to use an iPad.

My iPad for Kids.

No doubt, the iPad is a great device… and toy. There has never been a a consumer device like the iPad that kids (and adults) are instantly and universally embraced.  However, even such a device like the iPad that could use some modifications and adjustments that could make it even more kid friendly. My iPad for Kids is here to help kids, parents  (and you!) get the most out of your iPad2, iPad 3rd or 4th generation, or iPad mini running iOS 6. Using full-colour, step-by-step tasks, My iPad for Kids provides  step-by-step instructions on various topics which includes iPad setup, customization, syncing accessing the Internet, applications and learning how to use your iPad for home, school, and just for fun! Best for ages 12 years and over.




How to start your own business.

The Quick Experts Guide to Starting your own business.

You’re never too young to start your own business. Why not start now? Part of the series, Quick Expert’s Guides this book is aimed at ‘tweens’ interested in starting their own business whether it is offering services in tidying up  gardens, ironing shirts or even designing your very own social networking site. This book includes features that break down all the  technical/scientific/complex aspects of starting your own business , inspirational case studies, activities, the do’s and don’t’s of business management and a final project to test the reader’s new skills. Chapter round-ups also offer tips on key words and phrases as well as boosting self esteem and confidence, in order to walk the walk and talk the talk of a true expert.



The Glamorous Girl’s Book.
Girls, it’s time to get your glam on! This book tells you everything you need to go from being glum to glam! You will learn how to walk in high heels, make your own jewelry box, jazz up a boring hairstyle and accessorize yourself brilliantly. The ideal book for girls that will teach them to be confident, fabulous and gorgeous.




How to speak horse?!

How to Speak Horse.
Yes, believe it or not horses can talk and everyone can learn how to speak horse. But have you ever wondered how horses ‘talk’ to each other?, How do they ‘talk’ to you and how can they ‘talk’ back? This book will show you how. You will learn how horses use body language to communicate, easy groundwork exercises you can do to learn your horse’s body language and how to use your own posture and movement to ask your horse to go forward, stop, turn and follow. Also includes a dictionary of common horse body signals to help get you started.  An ideal guide for pony-mad kids that will teach you how to read body language and talk back to your equine friend.


How to know everything!

5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything.)
For someone who wants to know everything about… everything, this is the book for you. Newly published by National Geographic Kids, this book is bursting with 5.000 awesome facts about everything, including a baby whale gains 200 pounds everyday, snakes use their tongues to help them smell and that the human brain is 78% water.  There’s even two pages of facts about peanut butter and a frog that smells like peanut butter!




How to teach, inspire and amuse any boy and girl for hours on end.

This series presents Boys Miscellany and Girls Miscellany, which is full of weird, wacky and wonderful facts that are essential for every boy and girl should know. Boys Miscellany will tell you everything you need to know on how to spot a man-eating shark,  a list of superhero sidekicks, details of dangerous dolphins and tales of meat-eating plants. Girls will learn all they need to know in Girls Miscellany.  This book will teach, inspire and amuse any girl for hours on end. They will learn interesting facts and information,  including the top ten problems for cave girls, superpowers every girl should have, how to confuse a pigeon and  which woman has the longest legs in the world.
You will also like The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls.

How to get these awesome new books? Pop on down to your local library!

New Non Fiction

Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Davidson

This is a nice simple biography on the life of Queen Elizabeth II. This is the book to read if you want information on the story of her life with phtographs that capture her childhood, as well as the grandeur and drama of her reign.








Olympics by Richard Platt, Illustarted by Manuela Cappon

A Fantastic book to read that retraces the history of the Olympics from the very beginning in Greece 776BCE to the present day in London 2012. Contains lotes of facts about athletes from ancient Greece, sporting triumphs, poliitcal protests and worl breaking records.








Look Closer Ocean by John Woodward, Illustarted by Gary Hanna


This book is a fantastic read that takes you on an extraordinary underwater adventure. Lots of amazing facts and information on colourful coral reef, great white sharks and much, much more.






For Boys Only by Marc Aronson.

Hey Boys! Are you ready for some serious fun? Then this is the book for you. You will find all the information you need from ancient wonders to extreme sports. From learning how to land an aeroplane in an emergency to finding buried treasure. You are sure to never grow bored from reading this book.







Where I live: Astonishing animals, Bizarre Behaviour by Karen McGhee

Ever wanted to know what kind of animals live permanently in the dark?, What are the advantages of living in a community?, Other than birds, which animals build elaborate nests? Then this is the book to read. Contains lots of incredible photographs and illustrations that capture the amazing range of animal shelters from a simple stack of twigs to extensive tunnel systems and sprawling nests.






Penguins by Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris

Dive into the amazing life of penguins. This books has information about every kind of penguin up close and how they survive natural and man-made dangers in thier ice home.









Fox Tales : Four Fables from Aesop by Amy Lowry

Four wonderful fables from Aesop that have been woven together to make a single story in this beautifully illustarted picture book. 








Goldilocks on CCTV by John Agard and Satoshi Kitamura

If you a fan of fairy tales, then this is the book to read. This book has a collection of narrative poetry about your favorite fairy tale characters trying to live out their adventures in the mordern world. Stories include Sleeping Beauty trying to fetch a price on her nightdress, Rumplestiltskin finding his name sold to the paparazzi and a Giant finds his views have less impact in the days of Twitter.